December 21, 2011

From our house to yours - we wish you the very best Christmas ever.

We've created a little Christmas card for you - hope you enjoy it!! Just click on the link below

December 2, 2011

A small group of ladies got together this morning to make the dining hall and lounge look a little more festive, and I was asked to lend a hand - a 'chore' I cannot refuse.

getting the boxes out and organized - have to put the trees together - are the branches color coded?

We put up two trees on the stage.

(that's me on the right) No I didn't just stand around the whole time - I helped too!! We got busy on the second tree and soon it was looking pretty nice.

 Here we have the two trees decorated - we do look busy don't we? 

Ooops - we had to move the tree about three feet to the right - almost lost it!! But Eddy and Darlene held on!!
The finishing touches -

maybe this Santa would look better over here???
That's better!


A job well done.....
Designing ladies??

(l to r:  myself, Eddy, Judy, Sandy, Darlene, Arlene and Coleen)

November 26, 2011

Last night we went to see Clint Black perform at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin. I forgot to bring my camera (surprise! surprise!) But it wouldn't have mattered if I had it, we couldn't see anything anyway.... We were very disappointed with the venue - The 'new' E Center is like a school gymnasium - with the stage at one end.  All the 'chairs' were set up on the floor, so really - only the people at the front were able to see. We were situated quite near the back, so a 'visual experience' we did not have!!! All in all though we had an enjoyable Saturday night out, finishing it off with a visit to the Riverside Casino, where Michel played a few hands of Texas Hold 'em and I plugged money into the machines!! It was a good night, Michel came away at least $50 ahead and I broke even.......

November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Animation Pictures .

Wishing all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

There was a wonderful 'pot luck' dinner for Thanksgiving here at the park with the Association providing the turkey and ham and the members all bringing the rest. There was so much food! What a selection. Who knew you could make green bean casserole so many ways??? But all jokes aside there was a wide variety of everything you can imagine - including the desert table......

Here we have friends from last year, and fellow French Canadians from Ontario, Denis (Mr Big) and Janine Barette.

This couple hail from Illinois. We met them last year as well - Cliff and Connie.....

A picture of us - with Denis and Janine,

November 13, 2011

We've settled into a routine of sorts here in Bullhead City. And at Fiesta RV Resort, we were welcomed back by friends we made last year, and have made new friends already this year. We take part each morning (Monday thru Friday) in the walk aerobics, along with 8 -10 ladies; Michel being the only guy in the class. Sometimes afterwards I'll take part in the water aerobics. Michel will go lift weights. But we always reward ourselves with a nice soak in the hot tub afterwards. This park is quite an active park, with lots of activities scheduled throughout the day and evening. Michel enjoys playing cards and there is no shortage of card playing around here. I've yet to join the painting ladies; maybe this week. We've played a little at the casino. I even dragged Michel to play a round of Bingo with me. He won twice! He played Texas Hold 'em in a tournament here at the park on Saturday and won 1st/2nd - he split the pot with the other person.

In the picture on the right: Bullhead City taken from across the river in Laughlin.

 Heading west on the Colorado River

This is the Riverwalk in Laughlin

November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day God bless our soldiers!

November 4, 2011

Well, today brought us something we've not seen too many times.
IT'S RAINING in Bullhead City, Arizona!!

This doesn't happen very often. The park is very quiet - nobody walking around this evening.

We're just hanging around inside our rig - Michel is doing a jigsaw puzzle, and I'm fooling around on the computer.

I guess this evening we'll just watch a little TV.

Thanks for reading - life is good!

October 31, 2011

Hope everyone has a spooktacular day!!

October 30, 2011

 On Sunday, October 23rd we left our home in Greenwood to begin our 'winter holiday' in Arizona. We had an uneventful 3 day drive, arriving in Laughlin, Nevada mid-day on Tuesday. The tempurature was 86 degrees! WOW!  Talk about shock! But it's what we come south for - sunshine! 

Here is a picture of Laughlin as we were driving enroute to the Riverside Casino (left side) where we camped in the parking lot for a few days.

Friday we arrived at our 'permanent' winter destination - Fiesta RV Resort in Bullhead City, AZ. We got all settled in just in time for happy hour. Then we just spent the evening relaxing.
This is the rest stop we stayed at the first night of travel. It's located just outside of Riggins, Idaho.
Thanks for reading - life is good!!

October 20, 2011

Fall is definately in the air. The temps have been below zero in the mornings, though we're still experiencing beautiful, sunny afternoons. Here are a few pictures I took around the yard this afternoon. The leaves have fallen from the trees and it's beginning to look like winter is on the way. Time to head south!! We've started loading the motorhome in anticipation of our departure on Sunday morning. 

This year we won't be going to Mexico. We found a nice park last year in Bullhead City and have decided to 'camp out' there for the winter. 
And we've booked a cruise for late January. So check out this blog from time to time to see what we're up to and where we are going!!
In the mean time, thanks for reading - life is good!!

September 26, 2011

It's raining today -
we haven't had rain since June and we can really feel the cold. The leaves are all falling from the trees. I believe Autumn has arrived!

We've spent quite a bit of time with friends Steve and Doreen this summer. I must say we've had fun!!
Steve brings his guitar and on a few occasions, friends of theirs, and we've had a few songs and a few brewskies around the campfire.

This couple, Doug and Jeanette have been friends of Steve and Doreens' for many years and they joined us one evening. We had a very enjoyable evening.
A few weeks back we went to the Rock Creek Fall Fair with Steve and Doreen. She had to work in a booth for the company she works for, so we hung out and after went to the Prospector Pub for a pint. We had the waitress snap this picture. It looks like we're having fun!!!!

Ended up back at their place to finish out the evening. Here is a picture of Steve strumming his guitar, while we all sat back and listened.... actually, if truth be known we had quite a sing-song that night, mostly we sang back up - laughing the whole time. We figured there are not too many people who have more fun than we do!

September 7, 2011

Well - we've finished laying the paving stones! Every last one of them - broken included! And there was just enough to do the job. Next year we'll tackle the gazebo floor and the lower deck. But we're not sure what we'll do with it yet. At least we have awhile to think about it. So the following pictures will show you what it looks like.  
You can see where we've used the broken tiles to create a mosaic pattern for the smaller pathways. I can't believe how many tiles we laid down. 
This is another view - we've planted a few cedars - we'll see how they winter - hopefully the deer won't destroy them! 
And this one shows off the solar lamp we bought to 'light the path'.

Anyway - we're enjoying the yard, after all the hard work it's nice to sit back and relax!

September 2, 2011

After we got finished 'working' today we visited with friends who were camped at Jewel Lake. Had a nice fire and a good visit. In this picture: (l to r) Leslie, Phil, Terry, myself and Rose. You will remember Rose and Phil from earlier posts. Terry and Leslie work for the same company we do in the summer, taking care of parks. This year they camp hosted for a time at Kettle River Prov. Campground. Won't be long now and we'll all be getting ready to head south!!!

August 18, 2011

I took some pictures of our yard today. We haven't posted in such a long time I felt the need to post SOMETHING!! Not that we haven't been busy. When you see how good the yard looks and how well it's coming along, you'll know that we haven't been sitting around on our duffs all the time!!

Anyway - back in the early part of May we purchased over 1100 paving stones through the Castanet Marketplace site. We had to make a quick and crazy trip to Kelowna to pick them up and they've been sitting in the yard since then just waiting to get 'laid' (lol) We are FINALLY at that stage and boy does that feel good!!

So next week we'll begin to lay these stones in place. The gazebo being the focal point, we've developed the yard around it - with pathways and gardens. This is the picture I took this morning.

Then next year we'll begin to organize and plant the flower gardens. Still lots to do, but if you remember where we started at the beginning of the year - we've come along way baby!!!!
Here is a view from the end of the yard

July 26, 2011

Many people ask us what we do with ourselves all day in Greenwood..... I usually tell them "not much". In truth, we both enjoy reading, and we both enjoy 'playing' on the computer (we have to share it because we only have the one), we do have the job with BC Parks which takes about 4-5 hours about 5 days a week, but Michel does those pretty much on his own, which gives me a few hours on my own to fill in...and I've been baking more than usual. Not sure that's a good thing?? We do manage to keep busy.

Our job with the park requires us to supply wood to the campers, so today we went to the bush to chop wood. Here is a picture of Michel with his trusty chain saw, doing the deed....

He did the chopping and I did the loading. At least most of it. I can't lift those huge logs you see on the trailer. But we did get a nice load.

July 19, 2011

Yesterday Michel's son Richard, his wife Shannon and the kids came to visit us from Kelowna, bringing with them Michel's parents. It was a short notice visit because Richard found himself with a couple days off that never seems to happen in the summer!! But you know what is said about unplanned visits - they are usually the best. We had a wonderful day!

The kids brought their bikes so they rode while everyone else walked the Canada Trail. Picture on right: Richard, Shannon with baby Addy.

Another picture of Addy and the proud grandpa. She's grown so much since we saw her last! And getting cuter by the minute!!

Managed to get a 'timed' shot of the group.

In this picture (l to r) Shannon, Tianna, Richard, Michel's mom Therese (holding Addy) Khayden, Michel's dad Rick, Michel and myself.

 They came up in two vehicles, so Shannon took Michel's parents home the same evening. Richard, Khayden and Tianna stayed the night so we lit a fire and roasted marshmallows.

Can you believe it - the kids even went into the creek! Brrrrrrrrr!

Tianna lost her flip flop and it went floating down the creek, so Richard followed it and went in after it! He brought it back...walked back up the creek against the current.  I told Tianna she sure has a super dad. She agreed!!

July 17, 2011

More friends, more fire - gotta love it!!

Last night we  had friends from Fort Greenwood over for a bonfire and weiner roast. Michel had the flames just jumping!!

We had the music on, the fire blazing and the creek rushing behind us. I think everyone had a good time. If not, they were torturing themselves until midnight!!! In this picture, new friends Phil and Rose. Hope to see them again.

And you all remember Steve and Doreen from previous posts. He brought his guitar this time and sang us a few ballads. 

Does it get any better? 
Good friends, good wine (or beer), a guitar and a campfire?

In this last picture, the guys. What are they talking about? Of course they are trying to solve the problems of the world. No problems last night!!