April 23, 2013

Today we are home!! I mean really home - in Greenwood, and it sure does feel good to be walking in our own back yard.  Spring has sprung here - no snow, the creek is racing, my plants have started to sprout, and the grass is even green(ish)....

We thoroughly enjoyed our "Alberta Tour" and had wonderful visits with friends and family. We spent a few days with my bff Deb and her husband Len in St. Albert, then went up to Grimshaw where we stayed with my daughter Tammy for a few days and visited with her and (hubby) Rob and my son Farren. Then backtracked a little to visit with cousin Darlene and Ed in Plamondon. It was a busy week and tho the company was warm, the whole time the weather was cold. We encountered all kinds of weather, snow, rain, wind, and blowing snow. Very little sunshine, until we got to BC -

Spent last night in Radium. Met up with friends Dennis and Nola, whom we met while we were at the Big Cypress Preserve. They live just outside of Radium, so when we called they came into town to meet us. We had a couple of drinks then went out to dinner. We had a great visit. It sure was nice to see them again.....

An old friend also drove in to see us. Wendy Bennett - Nola and Wendy are very good friends. I worked with Wendy while I was working for Destinations in Kelowna (2001-2006). She owned the East Kootenay office that ran the same contract as we did. Small world isn't it??
It was wonderful to see Wendy again, and to catch up on what she's been doing, as well as the girls that worked for her - (Lynn and Terri). 

April 11, 2013

Today we spent the day with my granddaughter Melody (and her mother) in Red Deer. We had a fun day of shopping and swimming.

Khrystal, Melody and Grandma just chillin'

Grandma and Melody enjoying the pool


When we brought Khrystal and Melody home it was still early, so instead of finding a place to park and sleep we drove into Mill Woods and spent the evening with my cousin Norman and his wife Alice. We had a good visit and it was so nice to have more time together, than a couple of hours, as we do most often.  Lookin' good - love you guys!!

April 9, 2013

We always enjoy our visit with my grandson Tristan who lives in Cochrane, and even though we only had a few hours to be together, we made the best of it.....We went bowling again this year. This may become a tradition! He's 16 now and has his licence!! Where does the time go?  You can see by the score in the background that Michel kicked butt!!

After working up an appetite bowling, we went out for dinner. We had a good time. It's always a pleasure to spend time with Tristan.

April 9, 2013

First stop on our Spring 'Alberta' Tour was Alisha and Rob's (Michel's daughter and husband) in Airdrie. We spend a few days and had a wonderful visit with the little girls, and the parents too of course! It always amazes me at how much energy little people have.... never a dull moment!
Here is a lovely family photo.
Emily and Kaitlyn have grown so much. Especially Kaitlyn, who wasn't walking when we saw them last.

A trip to the Calgary Zoo was the order of the day. The girls love to see the animals.
We had a good visit. It's always so nice to come home to family!!

April 6, 2013

Crossed the border into Canada this afternoon.
It's always a breath of fresh air when we get here.
Nice to leave BUT wonderful to be back!!

April 3, 2013

Bye-bye little Tracker - you've been a good girl
It is said that things happen for a reason - I believe this - but we'll be a while trying to figure out the reason this all happened.....

Today, being Michel's birthday (he's 63 now!) he was looking forward to spending a day or two in Denver, Colorado. Well, a couple of things happened that put a damper on our plans. Firstly, we missed our exit. Secondly, we took the next exit only to realize that it was the Airport exit. When we finally got going away from the Airport, we were on Hwy 25 North to Wyoming. So much for that plan.

That was only the tip of the iceberg...... as we were driving (on Hwy 25) a car pulls up beside us on Michel's side and he's waving his hand (fist) at Michel. We kind of looked at each other and shrugged. Don't know what that was about, we hadn't cut him off or anything.

THEN another car comes up beside us, only on my side this time, and he rolls his window down - he's yelling at me FIRE!! and pointing back to our car.......

Didn't take long to get off the highway.... and sure enough there was smoke billowing and a flames shooting out from behind each of the front tires, and now they are both flat.... Thank God for our fire extinguisher. Next a call to AAA and the rest of the day is shot!!! Spent the day at a Chevy dealer to learn that nobody can figure out how and why this happened, but their estimate came in at $3500.00. Needless to say - we said good bye to our Tracker - and we are now TOW-LESS. Come to think of it - we are totally car-less. The only vehicle we have now is the motorhome.

April 2, 2013

We've been travelling for two days and it seems like much longer. Last night we bunked down at a WalMart  in McPherson, Kansas.

But we're not in Kansas any more!!

Tonight we're at a truck stop. Actually, we're at a McDonalds across from a truck stop. (pictured above)

The place: Limon, Colorado.

This is the view from where we're parked.

The weather has been kind of crappy - lots of rain, cold temperatures, snow along the highway. I guess it's to acclimatize us for our return trip to Canada. Sure looking forward to being there. We'll be crossing into Alberta to visit family before we go home to Greenwood. Planning on being in Calgary on Sunday or Monday....

Tomorrow is Michel's birthday - we'll be in Denver, Colorado... Looking forward to a fun night out - on - the - town - lol.  No hockey game to attend, but we'll find something to entertain us in this 'mile high city' -