July 13, 2010

Once again our blog has gotten away from us. And not because we've been too busy.

We started our 'job' at the parks on May 15th. It hasn't been very busy yet, with all the rain we got in May and June, but we're hoping that the July sun will bring out the campers. In the mean time - here are a couple shots of the beach. The water was absolutely dead calm - beautiful!!

On the weekend of July 3rd Michel's sister Lees and her husband Pat stopped by to visit on their way home to Calgary. We walked along the Canada Trail from our house to 'downtown' Greenwood to show them our quaint little city. Here we are walking with all our gear thinking it was going to rain -

We took some pictures of a few of the heritage buildings along the Main streets, so we thought we'd share them with you....

This is Rosie's - where we get our wine made - - Yummm....

The Museum

This is one of the newer 'shops' in town. It sells art work and all kinds of souveniers as well as espresso and lattes.

This is our Post Office.

And our City Hall