August 23, 2010

My daughter and her boyfriend (from Grimshaw, AB) were here to visit this past weekend.
They were only here for one full day, arriving quite late on Sunday evening, so we had to pack it tight with visiting and playing. We went golfing at Kettle Valley Golf Course Monday afternoon. Michel and I haven't golfed in a few years, but these two golf all the time. Had a good time, and not a bad game considering!! Here are a few pictures:

First one up was me..... next one Michel

This is one of my daughter Tammy lining up for a good long shot.

And this is a good shot of Rob finishing up the delivery of one of his loooooooong drives....

This is the end of the game - the home stretch, loading the car

Put the timer on again for this one, but it turned out pretty good - taken after happy hour, after dinner, just relaxing and getting in the last of our visit.

August 14, 2010

These photos are for Donna - The hanging baskets you see in these pictures were beautiful when we bought them but a few weeks later they were scraggly and looking pretty sick....Michel was ready to take them back to the greenhouse..... We had so much rain and no sunshine - which didn't contribute positively to their growth. Donna had made a couple of suggestions, so I followed her directions, and with a little TLC and Miracle Gro they filled in quite nicely. Don't you think so???

August 6, 2010

This week I had my grandson Tristan visiting. I picked him up from the bus on Monday afternoon, and put him back on the bus today. It was sad to see him leave, but we had a wonderful few days.

We didn't do very much to entertain him, but he came to work with us each day. Helped out a little with the raking.

Michel was in the creek (as usual) swimming around, but Tristan found it much too cold.

So we went up to Jewel Lake for the day.
There we lit a fire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.

And Michel and Tristan went snorkelling. Here are a few pictures of their adventure.

We had a great visit! Time just flew by.
mostly we just spent our time chillin'

August 4, 2010

My flowers are FINALLY starting to bloom!!
They all had a late start, so it's nice to see colour in the yard!!

I didn't think my hydrangea was going to bloom this year. The earlier buds died before they bloomed, but now I have two blooms!!

August 2, 2010

Michel's daughter Alisha, her husband Rob and their little Emily came to see us today. Emily is four months old now - boy don't they grow fast??

They arrived in the morning and spent part of the afternoon, before they had to drive back to Kelowna, where they are visiting more family. It was nice to have them here.

August 2, 2010