March 5, 2015

So where shall I begin this post? Another month has escaped us and in fact we only have a few short weeks left here in the sunshine. We haven't really been anywhere or done anything since our road trip to the Desert Bar. We did have a nice visit with Rich and Tina, who came up from Desert Hot Springs to spend one night. Friends Paulette and Mark were busy with company and ATVing. They even went to Vegas to spend a few days so were not here to meet Rich and Tina.  But we managed to entertain them well enough. 

Then on Saturday evening, February 28th we all were entertained again by the talents of Don (Elvis) Rose. Another good evening. 
picture taken at the ELVIS peformance

On Sunday we had happy hour and our 'last hurrah' so to speak as Paulette and Mark were set to leave for home (Edmonton) the next morning. We did enjoy having them here and it was really nice to get re-aquainted with Paulette, whom I haven't seen in years.

But we got to enjoy the company of Darlene and Ed for a few extra days. The car accident in which the insurance company wrote off their car, really put a damper on their winter holiday. They have been somewhat bummed out and just anxious to to home, so they cut their holiday by 3 weeks. Then to add insult to injury they were unable to line up a rental car that would allow them to cross the border into Canada. So they ended up renting a small U-Haul cube van and they left yesterday.  They spend last night in Idaho Falls, and by my estimation should be home in a couple of days. 

We, on the other hand, will hang out here until the end of March. We haven't picked a day to leave yet as we are considering a couple of options. Will let you know more as we know more..... 

Thanks for reading!
Life is Good!