February 26, 2007

I can hardly believe our time in San Felipe is almost over. Our plan is to start heading home on March 4th or 5th . The weather here is beginning to get really nice and warm. The wind usually picks up by afternoon, but it’s very nice in the sun. The Hobie Cats are beginning to arrive. There is a Regatta here on March 1st to 4th and we’ll have front row seats for that as they’ll be racing in the bay right in front of our campo. Michel is very excited about that.

February 14th
On Valentines Day our Campo had a ‘pot luck’ party, margaritas and beer supplied by Maggie and Patti, managers of the park.
We’ve found a few people in the park who enjoy watching “Survivor”, so Gene (single elderly gentleman in the park) brings out his TV (he has a satelite) and we provide the food (fish fry one time, hot dogs another) and we have Happy Hour and watch Survivor. Don’t know what we’ll do when we’re back on the road????

February 15th
We went Clam Digging this morning. Didn’t get very many clams, but it was a 1st time experience for Michel. Actually - the guys did the digging - the gals just sat out and watched (supervised) and chatted.

March 16th - Mardi Gras started today.
We went to the Melecon in the evening for the “Burning of the Bad Humor” Celebration. What a deal that is. Here is a picture of the Bad Humor Dude hanging from the truck. All around him are fire crackers, and after a lengthy story (which was in Spanish and I didn‘t understand a word) they lit the fire crackers. They were popping and shooting out everywhere. As you can see the crowd stands just below. We were sitting up in a balcony - a safer place to be in my opinion. And that’s not all - after the fire crackers sizzled out they blew up the Bad Humor dude. Kaboom!!! Pieces of him flying all over the place……. After all this noise - they began with the entertainment. Now that was awesome. There were singers and dancers in the most elaborate costumes. And of course all the dances and songs tell stories, I wish I understood. But it was wonderful to watch.

February 13, 2007

I had some good news from back home (Grimshaw) last week - I’m going to be a grandma for the 2nd time!! Yup - Farren is going to be a daddy - and Khrystal is going to be a mommy!!! Their baby is due September 17th. All is well I am told, so I look forward to spending some time in Grimshaw in September!!

The two young men with the sailboat got back to San Felipe on February 3rd. They didn’t sail past Puertocitos - no wind - no sailing. But they did put the boat in the water here, and they took us sailing on the one and only windy day (February 5th) that we had for the week that they were here. But we enjoyed having these boys around. They were like a “breath of fresh air” and it was like having the ‘kids’ around again.

We did a little more off-roadin’ again, with Vi & Don and Joe and Lindsay. Took the buggies to the fossil field this time. This field used to be an ocean bed 6 million years ago. There were millions of fossilized clams and oysters and spirals. Also looked at the ‘condos’ in the desert. These caves were inhabited by the Mexicans 1000 or so years ago.

January 31, 2006

Today we took a little drive south (with the car), about 50 miles, to Puertecitos. There was a group leaving from San Felipe at 7:00 a.m., but we drove out on our own about 7:30 and met up with them at the end. Puertecitos is the ‘end of the road’ so to speak. From here the road is a washboard, dirt ‘trail’ that will take you to Gonzaga. It is recommended that only high clearance vehicles travel on this road. From Gonzaga the ’road’ would take you inland and over to the Pacific side of the penninsula to Guerrero Negro.

Puertecitos is a small fishing village (more like a ghost town) that is known for it’s hot springs along the gulf. Here is a picture of some of the group sitting in one of the tide pools. There are four pools and we just kept moving up as the tide was coming in, because of course, when the ocean water comes in it is mighty cold!! Then everyone waited until the tide went out, and worked their way back down. It was a full day event.

We, however, met up with two young guys from Wyoming who were sailing a 16’ Catamaran from San Felipe to Gonzaga. They were camped in Puertecitos on the beach, and they took us sailing. Michel was in his glory. And I have to admit, it was fun! Here is a picture of the sailboat on the beach.

Now take a look at this picture. It’s a restaurant. Mmmmm, Cowpatty, now isn’t that an appetizing name????? I wonder what’s on the menu.