January 23, 2013

We paddled our way down the Turner River today. There was a group of 14 people, most of us in canoes (couples) then the leader and the trailer in kayaks. The day began at 10 am and we paddled our way to be home again just after 3:00.

We were in the heart of the jungle, pulling our way through the mangroves which were very thick., as you can see. And the water level was quite low, so our boat was dragging in places. In another week there won't be any more Canoe trips as the water level will be too low.

Along the way we spotted all kinds of wildlife, mostly birds, but we saw our share of alligators, several with babies....

Here is Michel in the stern - he's the 'power' and in charge of steering the boat.
It was a good day - very tiring, but satisfying.

January 15, 2013

We've made many trips to Naples in our time here for shopping, but this is the first time we've visited the Naples Pier and beach. It was a beautiful sunny hot day and many were taking advantage of this fact, enjoying the rays and waves.....
Others were enjoying fishing on the pier.

You can see the many fishing poles lined up in the hut.
Here a guy is filleting his catch - a small marlin.