June 28, 2012

The truck arrived at 8:40 a.m. carrying our 12 pallets of paver stones. Each pallet has over 500 stones and covers over 100 sq. ft. That's a lot of concrete!

Michel arranged to use a forklift from a guy here in Greenwood, and he arrived back at the same time as the truck arrived.  So the work began right away.

Here he comes with the first pallet - only 11 left to go !!

The first two pallets - out front where they'll be easy to get at.

The rest of the pallets - all 10 of them - tucked away behind the house. (Actually this is the front of the house - it faces the street.) By 9:30 a.m. the unloading was done!! Thank you !Thank you! for the use of the forklift. Could you just imagine having to unload that truck by hand, brick by brick??

So we'll be busy for awhile.
They are very nice stones and we are extremely pleased with "Expocrete", the company who manufactures them. They've supplied us with well over 1200 sq. ft. of stones, which will more than do our pathways - we'll should be able to do the gazebo as well.

June 18, 2012

Today we had a visit from our neighbours Paul and Virginia Richards. We often stop to chat along the street, but this is the first time we've had a coffee together. We had a nice visit, catching up on what they did this winter, and the happenings in the neighbourhood.
While we visited we got a call from "Expocrete", the company who manufacture the paving stones we bought. It was good news! They are going to replace and have them shipped right to our door. We were quite happy about that. As you can see the stones have just crumbled away.

Here he goes again!!
We were hoping to just replace the ones that were gone, but as Michel was removing them we realized that there was closer to half that were unusable, and the company cannot find the same pavers. So it looks like they will ALL come out, and Expocrete will send us all new pavers - enough to do the job!!
I guess yard work is never done. Always something to do - or in this case 're-do'!
Michel keeps very busy!

June 11, 2012

Another month has gone by and once again I can't figure out where it went.... The past couple of weeks have been nothing but rain. We managed to get a few shrubs and plants into the ground before the rains started, so that gave them a good start, but now we need sunshine!!
It's been very slow at the parks with all the rain we've been getting, so we've had to pass the days with reading and computer 'stuff'. It's a good thing we both enjoy the computer 'stuff'....
This year Michel put up a lattice for me, as you can see here. Now my clamatis can grow, grow, grow!! All my plants are doing well, however they are all behind in their growth compared to other yards, and I don't know why. I see flowers everywhere, but mine are just taking their sweet loving time to bloom!
The creek was very high when we returned from Alberta this year, and we got home to discover the bottom 4 steps (down to the creek) that Michel had toiled to put in last year had been swept away and floated down the creek....With all this rain, the creek has risen again. Sunshine please!! 

The big disappointment this spring was to find that the paving stones that we laid last year (1100 of them) had crumbled over the winter. We did contact the company and their rep from Kelowna is going to be here today to take a look at them. There are at least 1/3 of them that need replacing. So we're putting out good vibes that the company will do something to compensate. We'll let you know.