July 16, 2014

Sometimes it feels like we don't do very much, but we always manage to keep busy. 
Last evening we had a visit with Nipper Kettle and his lovely wife Sheryl. (Nipper is the Mayor of our fine little city) We enjoyed a glass of wine and a lot of good conversation. They are a wonderful couple, very busy people, and we were happy to get the chance to get to know them a little more.  
CHEERS!  Here's to new friends!

July 14, 2014

This past weekend Michel's two eldest grandchildren Khayden and Tianna came from Kelowna to visit us. 

It happened to be "Founder's Day" here in Greenwood, so we went downtown on Saturday to take in the festivities. We caught the last half of the parade 'cause we were a little late getting there and also missed the pancake breakfast, but the kids (old and young) had a good time wandering around, looking at the vender's wares. 

It was very hot so we didn't spend the entire day downtown. Instead we came back home and Michel and kids enjoyed the cool water in the creek. They tried their hand at gold panning. I guess they weren't really 'panning', they were digging in the dirt and pouring the dirt into a sluice box. Needless to say they didn't find gold. But they enjoyed themselves and managed to keep busy for the afternoon.  

 This here is a picture of Tianna and Grandpa digging the dirt.....

Michel took them up to Jewel Lake to swim on Sunday and in the evening we had a fire and cooked pie tarts. We ate lots, laughed lots and really enjoyed their visit.

July 5, 2014

First let me begin by saying that "NO" we did not fall off the face of the earth, for those of you who read this blog and were wondering. I guess it's been 3 months since I last blogged, and I just don't know where the time has gone. We have managed to keep busy. The yard  is a never-ending project. but it is coming along. One day it will be done and then what will we do??
We've been back and forth to Kelowna a few extra times this spring for hand therapy, but I think it will only be every 4-6 weeks from here on in, until we head south again. The hand is a slow heal. It is still swollen and I have no grip, so it's work-it, work-it, work-it. Only problem with that is - it still hurts!! But enough of that....
On Canada Day we wandered uptown to see if anything was happening, but to my surprise there was nothing! We had lunch at Deadwood Junction then did the little walk-about before heading back home. I guess we looked like tourists because a nice young couple offered to take our picture in front of the downtown. 
(The big celebration here is on July 12th for Founders Day.) 
 A couple of weeks ago Michel went fishing. He and Steve went up to Jewel Lake for the day. They both agreed that they had a great time even though it rained buckets all day long. But it wasn't anything that a brewski wouldn't fix.  Michel came home with 4 little trout that we cooked up the next day.  It doesn't get any fresher than that!
Yesterday Michel and I went to Osoyoos for cherries. We found a place that was selling u-pick for 50 cents a pound. Michel picked about 50 pounds!  So guess what we did last night and today.... wash and pit cherries.. We have lots and lots of frozen cherries and by the time we're done eating the fresh ones, well.... we should be good until next year.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully it won't be so long in between posts.