May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Khayden.....

On Saturday we travelled to Kelowna to attend the birthday party for Michel's grandson Khayden, who turns 10 on Tuesday. There were 20 kids in attendance, as well as a few of the kids parents. And lets not forget grandparents and great-grandparents.
It was a beautiful day so most of the party took place outside, beginning with a swim in Grandpa and Nanna's (Shannon's parents) backyard pool. ( pictured: The birthday boy is ready to aim his water gun.)

Later in the day, back at home, the kids enjoyed birthday cake. Here is Khayden blowing out candles.

And then they tried their hand at beating up a birthday pinata. Once again this is Khayden swinging the 'breaking' stick.....

After all was said and done, and on a much quieter note, Richard and Shannon (Michel's son and daughter-in-law) prepared a wonderful 'family' dinner for us - all 10 of us.

We all had a great day and a good visit.

Pictured below are great-grandparents Rick and Therese Lamontagne with the newest member of the family, Adalaide (Addy)

May 14, 2011

Rising Waters.......

We arrived back home last week after a wonderful visit with the kids and grandkids. We even got in a quick visit with my oldest and dearest friends Deb and Len , then another quick visit with Michel's sister Lise and husband Pat.

We got home just in time to watch the waters in our 'little' creek start to rise. Each day we would see the creek come up a little more. It is now at the banks in some areas. Dirty rushing water - gotta love spring!!!

As you can see, it's not quite up to the banks on our side.

We have a couple of friends in Fort Greenwood, and as you can see the water is quite high in that area. They have built really nice 'sitting' areas and gardens and if the water comes up much more, they'll have some major clean up to do......

May 2, 2011

We were very blessed this spring to be able to see all of our children and grandchildren. Lastly, on our way back home, we stopped into Red Deer for a couple of hours to have a short visit with my granddaughter, Melody. Her

mom brought her to meet us at the Walmart. We did a little shopping. She's a good little shopper; knows exactly what she wants. Then we ate lunch at MacDonalds, and walked around the mall for awhile. It wasn't a long visit, but it was a nice one. We got great big bear hugs when we left.

April 29, 2011

Second stop, Grimshaw.
This is where my son and my daughter live with their 'spouses'. No pictures of them this time but that is not to say we didn't have a wonderful visit. We spent 4 days there and managed to be together each day....
Here is a picture of my grandson, Tristan. He's grown so much since we seen him last in August..... He's at least 6 inches taller. He's taller than me now!! Growing and growing up.... time sure does have a way of slipping by.

We took a short drive out to Lac Cardinal Prov. Park one morning and brought Tammy's (my daughter) two dogs Tija and Cooper. Who knew Cooper would love the water so much. He just barreled into the water, surprising everyone, chasing sticks and bringing them back.,

In this photo below: (l to r) Tristan, Tammy, Michel and Rob (Tammy's other half)
Gotta wonder what they're all thinking?

April 26, 2011

This week we began our 'tour' of Alberta. Both Michel and I have children and grandchildren all spread out in Alberta, so our first stop was Calgary. This is where Michel's daughter Alisha and her husband live. This is Emily..... she's 13 months old now and walking all over the place.

We took Emily for a walk to the park. Alisha thought it was a beautiful day - I don't know, it was pretty cold to me.

But Emily enjoyed the sunshine and laughed with glee as mommy pushed her in the swing.