June 18, 2011

Has spring finally sprung?
The middle of June and my flowers have finally decided to come to life! Driving through Grand Forks (BC) two weeks ago I noticed the Irises there were already in bloom. We're a little bit behind??? Must be because we've had a lot of rain and very little sunshine.
Picture above: Here they are, my Irises, standing up all pretty for you!!!
We've been busy working in thte yard. Decided to get rid of the grass we planted last year, that covers half our yard, and put in pathways and flower beds. So there has been a lot of digging going on. And, of course, we started our job with the Parks mid-May, and that will pick up here in the next week or so.
Here are the Lupines I planted last year, along withe the little piggy watering can I accquired in Palm Springs last winter.