July 26, 2011

Many people ask us what we do with ourselves all day in Greenwood..... I usually tell them "not much". In truth, we both enjoy reading, and we both enjoy 'playing' on the computer (we have to share it because we only have the one), we do have the job with BC Parks which takes about 4-5 hours about 5 days a week, but Michel does those pretty much on his own, which gives me a few hours on my own to fill in...and I've been baking more than usual. Not sure that's a good thing?? We do manage to keep busy.

Our job with the park requires us to supply wood to the campers, so today we went to the bush to chop wood. Here is a picture of Michel with his trusty chain saw, doing the deed....

He did the chopping and I did the loading. At least most of it. I can't lift those huge logs you see on the trailer. But we did get a nice load.

July 19, 2011

Yesterday Michel's son Richard, his wife Shannon and the kids came to visit us from Kelowna, bringing with them Michel's parents. It was a short notice visit because Richard found himself with a couple days off that never seems to happen in the summer!! But you know what is said about unplanned visits - they are usually the best. We had a wonderful day!

The kids brought their bikes so they rode while everyone else walked the Canada Trail. Picture on right: Richard, Shannon with baby Addy.

Another picture of Addy and the proud grandpa. She's grown so much since we saw her last! And getting cuter by the minute!!

Managed to get a 'timed' shot of the group.

In this picture (l to r) Shannon, Tianna, Richard, Michel's mom Therese (holding Addy) Khayden, Michel's dad Rick, Michel and myself.

 They came up in two vehicles, so Shannon took Michel's parents home the same evening. Richard, Khayden and Tianna stayed the night so we lit a fire and roasted marshmallows.

Can you believe it - the kids even went into the creek! Brrrrrrrrr!

Tianna lost her flip flop and it went floating down the creek, so Richard followed it and went in after it! He brought it back...walked back up the creek against the current.  I told Tianna she sure has a super dad. She agreed!!

July 17, 2011

More friends, more fire - gotta love it!!

Last night we  had friends from Fort Greenwood over for a bonfire and weiner roast. Michel had the flames just jumping!!

We had the music on, the fire blazing and the creek rushing behind us. I think everyone had a good time. If not, they were torturing themselves until midnight!!! In this picture, new friends Phil and Rose. Hope to see them again.

And you all remember Steve and Doreen from previous posts. He brought his guitar this time and sang us a few ballads. 

Does it get any better? 
Good friends, good wine (or beer), a guitar and a campfire?

In this last picture, the guys. What are they talking about? Of course they are trying to solve the problems of the world. No problems last night!!

July 16, 2011

WOW here I am blogging again - we've been busy!!

We had a super nice visit with my cousin Karen and her husband Tom yesterday. They kinda hail from  Edmonton, AB (at least Karen does) but presently they are living in Florida, after living a short while in Hawaii..... wow must be tough living in places like that???? Anyway, they travelled up to Ottawa to visit his family, then across the upper United States and into Saskatchewan then onto Alberta where they visited with Karen's family there. Than on to Vernon to see Tom's brother for awhile. The last leg of their Canadian journey before they venture home is Vancouver where they will visit with Karen's son. They've sure put on alot of miles.....

Last night we lit a fire and enjoyed a visit. They brought their guitar & eukalale and they both enjoy singing so we thought that we'd get a song out of them, but we got to talking and time went by without a song..... Oh well, another time!
We took a few more pictures this morning before they left; of them and their car.

 And last but never least - a picture of Karen and I. We had a really good time. They came out of their way to visit us, and we really did appreciate it.

July 13, 2011

Today we took another road trip. This time we went along with good friends Steve and Doreen Cavill to Osoyoos so he could do his road test. I guess for rigs this size you need a special classification on your license.... And he needed someone with a Class 1 (Michel) to accompany him on the drive to get there. They live over in Fort Greenwood, and have been living in this rig 'full time' for the past 4 years without moving it and decided it was time to get his legal classification and start hauling it from time to time. !

After he passed his road test they treated us to a celebratory lunch at the Sage Pub. One beer only with lunch - still had to drive that big rig home.... The waitress took a picture of us - she almost cut Michel out of the picture!! But we had a good time in Osoyoos, even did a little shopping.
This is the couple who 'house sat' for us last winter. It was good for them and it was great for us! Here's hoping they'll enjoy it for a few more years......

July 12, 2001

Road Trip...
Yesterday we drove to Cheney, WA to visit our dear friends Rich and Tina, who were staying at the Ponderosa RV Park for a couple of days. They are on their way east to visit the eastern states and to spend part of their winter in Florida.
 I'm sure you all remember Rich and Tina. We've travelled with them for a few years and they are in our blog many times..... We didn't see them last winter because they decided to stay at  home in Ranier, WA. "Never again" they say..... glad to hear that!!! It was 15 months or so since we've seen them last, and we had such a good visit... short... but good!!! 
 Today, after we shopped at the Walmart in Colville, we stopped at Cascade Falls. This is something we've always said we should do, but until today we never have.

So we walked up to the viewing platform and took a couple of pictures.  You can see the falls in the background. Beautiful!!!

July 2, 2011

My long-time best friend Deb and her husband Len (Wald) from St. Albert, AB came to visit us this past long-weekend. It was wonderful to see them and spend some time with them. We did alot of visiting, but the time went by much too quickly.
Here we have a picture of Deb getting cozy in one of the swing chairs. We had a fire in our new firepit both nights that they were here.
And here is a picture of Len lighting the fire. Michel went off to work and I stayed behind, with Deb and Len, so the least we could do was get the fire started for him.

July 1, 2011

We built a gazebo in our backyard this year. When I say 'we' you know I mean Michel..... I did help when I could, though I'm not very good with a hammer and nails. I did help by holding the boards. It's quite a large gazebo - 13ft across - and it took a lot of measuring and leveling to get the job done. 
Here is Michel putting up the 'rafters'

Here is the (almost) finished project. We still have a few more roof boards to put up and we're going to put down paver stones to complete it. The chairs we bought in Mexico this last winter. We thought it would be different!
Here is an inside picture. We have a firepit in the middle, and we've enjoyed it already!