November 28, 2008

The view from my window is quite different this morning....

It snowed ALL day yesterday - we have at least 6 inches of white carpet today. The temps are still at the zero mark, but it seems so much colder looking at all that white stuff.

You can see all the snow on top of our poor cold moho......good thing we got her a cover!

Michel got called into work this morning - not surprising - so he'll be cleaning roads all day.

November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

We spent the day in Kelowna to help Michel's Dad celebrate his 80th birthday.
There were just the four of us - his parents and us - and we just hung out, went out for dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine. We just enjoyed the day and the company. (here is a picture of Rick blowing out candles)

- (and this one is Michel and his dad)

Yes - we're still hangin in here- the weather hasn't been too bad. If only it would stay like this! We're planning on spending Christmas with Michel's parents in Kelowna, but I still want to 'do my thing' I'm going to start decorating soon. It's been 3 years since I've seen my Christmas stuff and I'm getting anxious...

Michel is working (on call) for Emcon, so once the snow starts flying he'll get to clean roads. But even though we're not sitting in the sun, we both find time goes by pretty fast anyway. We both manage to stay busy, even if it's only reading, or doing sodoku, or playing poker on the internet - or watching TV - time marches on....

November 8, 2008

Greenwood, BC
We've had rain the past days, and even snow. This morning when I awoke the fog was just lifting. (pictures taken through the window) It was a kind of eerie, but none the less a pretty site. The leaves are all gone now, so we can see the creek rolling by in front of our property. It's getting colder, but I guess we'll get used to it. We have nice warm jackets and our furnace pumps out nice hot air..... We bought an RV cover for our motorhome to keep her warm too.

We'll be thinking of all of our travelling 'buddies' this winter as we read their blogs and see pictures of them playing in the sun. And we'll post snow pictures at this end.....

November 6, 2008

We spent a few days in Kelowna last week helping my daughter pack and clean and get ready for her move back to Alberta. On the way there we saw snow at Big White so I had to take a picture. We haven't seen a lot of snow in the past three years......

Next is a picture of my daughter Tammy, with her man Rob Coates and son Tristan taken behind the U-haul as we were finishing up.

We had a teary good bye but she's happy to be starting her life with Rob, and I'm just happy she's happy......