October 21, 2015

Yesterday we enjoyed happy hour at Lana and Bob's place here at Sky Valley. They have been working so hard to build their back yard and their deck and it's finally finished.  They called this little get-together their 'soft opening'....just a few people - 8 of us! 

Don and Sue were also included as well as Fred and Caroline, all from Sky Valley.

Lana made some very yummy appies and we all sat around and visited and had a drink (or two)

We even had a fire in their new firepit. 

Thank you Lana and Bob for a good evening and for introducing us to your friends.

That's all folks!..........until next time............thanks for reading!

October 16, 2015

Well we arrived in Vegas. 
Stayed at the Luxor Casino on the 14th and 15th. While here we've had a Dinner Buffet for two as well as a Lunch Buffet for two. This was all complimentary because we play My Vegas on Facebook. We did have to pay the resort fee for two nights, so our two-day stay cost us just under $60.00....and we didn't even gamble, so we didn't loose any $$ either!! 

Can't complain too much about that! 

The Luxor is an amazing building. This huge pyramid, from the outside looks like it's made of glass.   

Here are a few pictures of the inside. We were on the 16th floor. 

The 15th was a busy day... We visited the 'Shark Reef' at the Mandalay Bay Casino. This too was a My Vegas buy. Two for the price of one. It's main tank has 1,300,000 US gallons of water. The facility itself is 95,000 sq ft. and houses over 2000 animals - over 100 different species of sharks, rays, reptiles.....  Very interesting!!

So later in the evening we decided to go down to Freemont Street.  I like it better there than roaming around the strip..... On our way we discovered that The "Pawn Stars" pawn shop was opened and virtually empty so we stopped to have a looksie.  We were here once before and never got in because the line up was around the block.. Our lucky day!!

Here's a picture of Michel with Rick from the show - lol  - only a cardboard cutout....They could almost pass for brothers...

Then onward to Freemont Street. It was bustling with people, bands playing on the corner of each street. 
We took in an Elvis show while downtown.  Steve Connolly is the Spirit of the King and he was a very good impersonator. Small venue so no bad seats - and he walked around the crowd and involved them in the show. It was fun - and it wouldn't be right to be in Vegas and not see an Elvis show....  

A little more walking after the show, then it was time to go back 'home'. It was a fun-filled day, and a long one, we didn't get home until 1:00 am! 

The Luxor by night....  we should be able to make contact with other planets with a beam like that - lol! 

October 3, 2015

Today we went to the Meat Draw at the Legion. The prizes were Turkeys and Hams.  Of all the times we've been this year and never won anything - today we won TWO turkeys.  

We had a great time and a few beers with good friends. 

Afterwards Steve and Doreen came over for probably what will be our last fire of the year. We roasted wieners and sang a few songs.  Another good evening....who has more fun than us??

October 2, 2015S

Tonight was the last of our 'themed' dinners for this year!   The theme: Traditional French Canadian, hosted by Solange and Leo. 

We dressed for the occasion ......

My contribution was the appetizer, which is pictured here on the left.

Brie baked in puff pastry. My pastry had a tiny hole in it that I never noticed when I popped it into the oven, thus the spread of cheese.
But it was good anyway!

Solange was busy cooking all week preparing a host of homemade dishes traditionally served up on Christmas Eve. 

The whole meal deal!!! 

The table was set in anticipation of the wonderful food we were about to eat....  bring on the food!!

We started with pea soup. And I have to say it is probably the best pea soup I have ever eaten!

The main meal:  tourtiere, ham, turkey, dressing, potatoes & gravy, baked beans, carrots, fresh buns.....my oh my... we all ate way too much.  

But save room for the dessert. Doreen brought triffle ... yummy!

We had a great evening.  Steve brought the guitar and although he didn't play for very long we all had a very good time.  Thank you again Solange and Leo... you really set the bar high for the next season of "themed dinners"...