August 25, 2015

Card Night!
We've been getting together with Leo and Solange off-and-on once a week all summer to play cards. We play 500; a game not too many people play anymore, at least not around here. They were happy to find a couple who could play that game.
So we have a lot of laughs and play away the evening!  

August 24, 2015

This is what we've been looking at since Saturday night.

It is smoke -- not fog. 

This being the 3rd day of the smoke, it is 3 times lighter. Saturday night you could cut the smoke with a knife.  It stung the eyes and hurt the throat. Needless to say we've had a couple of 'inside' days.  

But we haven't had it as bad as many in our surrounding communities. 

On Thursday, August 13th fire swept through southern BC. Starting just north of Rock Creek and in less than an hour it had leveled the whole west side of Kettle River Provincial Park.  

Approx. 200 guests and staff, leaving behind their RV's and camping gear, had to evacuate across the bridge (many on foot) as the only park exit was engulfed in flames.

The park managers, who live full time in their 5th wheel, have lost everything. 

This picture on the right shows what is left of their home. The man walking is our boss.

The fire didn't stop there. It quickly surged northward taking 30 homes with it and leveling almost 4,000 hectares of forest in its path. Then another fire burst open over by Oliver (north of Osoyoos) and yet another just south of Anarchist on the US side.

Highway 33 from Rock Creek to Beaverdell was closed for over a week, reopening just last Friday. Hwy 3 from Rock Creek to Osoyoos was closed for 3 days. 

It is all so surreal. The Firefighters are still working overtime and the communities all came together to house and feed the evacuees.

But the smoke we smell today is coming from the other fires surrounding us.  There are fires burning all around us and two burning just south of the border.    

August 22, 2015

Thursday we welcomed Nola and Dennis. 

We met them in Florida in 2013, and have stopped and stayed at their place in Spillamasheen (near Radium) on two occasions. We had a wonderful visit.

On Friday we took a drive out to Rock Creek for a brewski at the Prospector Pub.

Then on the way back home we had lunch/dinner in Midway at the Bored Room Bistro.

They make the best pizza,

We sure did enjoy our time with them. 

Thursday night we sat around the 'pretend' fire in the gazebo, and Friday evening we played cards.

We look forward to seeing them again. They may stop again for the night on their way back home next weekend. 

When she asked me if I wanted a few veggies from her large garden I was elated.  
This is what she brought me!

Squash, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, beets, kale, green beans, pickled beets and cauliflower pickles.

WOW!  I barely have room in my fridge for it all.

August 19, 2015

Last night was our second themed dinner. Steve and Doreen hosted, so they provided the main course. 

Her 'theme' as you may have guessed was "greek".  

So here we are all toga'ed up. As you can see Michel and I dressed for the occasion this time! 

We began at 4:30 with happy hour. Solange and Leo provided the appetizers, which were wonderful.

I forgot to take a picture until we were done eating it all up, but she had a beautiful display of roasted pita bread served with humus and tzatziki sauce. Included were kalamata olives - yummy!

The main course included Greek salad with feta cheese and two skewers of chicken souvlaki served on a bed of rice pilaf. Way too much food - but oh so delicious!

And for dessert, served with coffee was the traditional Greek baklava. Lots and lots of walnuts. This was my contribution. I have never made this before and I had fun  making it. The others had never eaten it before so this was a good thing for me - nothing to compare it to - lol - 

We enjoyed our dinner party outdoors on the patio until the cooler night set in, then we moved inside where we sang a few songs accompanied by Steve and his guitar.  We all had a great time - ate lots, laughed a lot, visited and even drank a wee bit!

That's it until next time - Thanks for reading!