June 27, 2013

 Meet Suzi - -
the newest addition to our household - a 2004 Suzuki XL7.
We looked at her yesterday on our way through Westbank into Kelowna,
and today the $$ and the registration changed hands.
So I got to drive her home - nice car, handles and rides beautifully.
Love it already!!!
Here she is getting acquainted with our Dutch Star.
I'm sure they will become great friends. 

June 26, 2013

Road Trip ...

I had an appointment with a specialist in Oliver today, so we took our first road trip of the summer season.

We hit the road fairly early, arriving in beautiful Osoyoos around 11:30. Our mission on this trip (besides the doctor) was to get cherries along the way. So just outside of Osoyoos, we found a "U-pick Cherries" place that offered them for $1.00 a pound. That is sure a lot less than fruit stands at $2.00 a pound.

And Michel likes picking cherries.... Here he is up on the ladder.  I don't do ladders, so I just took pictures and ate cherries.

They are so yummy - plump and sweet - though we were told they lost a lot due to splits.... too much rain. That didn't stop Michel from picking 25 pounds of them.

We will be eating cherries for quite a while. But we did get a cherry pitter and we froze some. They will make awesome cherry smoothies.....

I took a lot of  pictures. The trees were just loaded with cherries - these I believe are Vans. We were told that Bings and Vans were now ready for picking.

We carried on to Kelowna, where we spent the evening with Michel's parents. Rick got collector plates on his Chrysler -  

June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday we were blessed with a visit from Michel's parents from Kelowna. It's been two years since they were here last, so it was wonderful to have them here, if only for the one day....

They arrived early afternoon with Michel's sister Lise and her husband Pat and their son Daniel from Calgary. It's been three years since they've been here, and it was equally good to see them.... It was a beautiful hot afternoon and we spent it in the shade of the gazebo - the perfect place to be on a hot day!!

(pictured left: Michel, Dad, Lise)

We had a wonderful visit, lots of laughs and reminiscing, good food and good company.

Had a bonfire in the evening, and even roasted marshmallows.

(pictured right: Michel, Mom, Lise)

They all spent the night and got away again early afternoon today.

(left: Michel, Mom, Dad, Daniel, Lise, Pat)

June 14, 2013

This is the beautiful view we have from our gazebo in our backyard.

This is the view from a different angle -

A view of the back yard, a place we spend a lot of time -

and below .... everything's coming up roses!!

June 11, 2013

This weekend we had our first visitors of the summer season, my BFF Deb and her husband Len, from St. Albert, AB.

We always so enjoy having them here, and they faithfully make the trip to visit us each year: this year earlier then usual. The weekend goes by so fast, they come - they go - just like that!!

 We sat, we had a glass of wine or beer (or two) and we visited. Lit a fire in the evening and just relaxed and enjoyed the company....Love you guys, always so happy to see you arriving and so sad to see you leaving....

Until next time - CHEERS!