February 20, 2015

I had very good intentions of uploading some of Rich and Tina's pictures for your enjoyment, but (there is always a "BUT")  I was unable to do so.  They emailed me 3 pictures, which I could see, but just could not upload to the blog. So.... Unfortunately you will have to see printed pictures of their time in Ecuador and hear their story when you see them next. They arrived back in Las Vegas on the Tuesday after us.... And I am sure they are doing a lot more than we are. 

We are here in Kelowna, arrived on February 2nd and got settled into a routine. Michel's dad is doing well and his mom will be out of Cottonwoods and back home on Tuesday. She has healed nicely but will require lots of therapy to get back on her feet again. Time and patience - that is our mantra these days!

Spring comes early here in Kelowna, so we are both looking forward to that. It is surprising how fast 'cabin fever' can set in. In the mean time we try to get out as much as possible.

That's all folks. Thanks for reading.

February 1, 2016hom

Said good bye to Sara, our sweet little hostess from Airbnb in Cuenca, Ecuador after only two days.  She and her boyfriend Rodrigues, were very helpful, warm and welcoming.

While we were in Cuenca we did get a chance to visit with friends Larry and Dona, who moved to Cuenca from Grand Forks last October. They have a lovely place and are thouroughly enjoying their new home.

And we also visited Old Town. The Immaculada Conceptcion Cathedral, pictured here on the right, is noted as one of the most impressive cathedrals in Ecuador. With so much to see and so little time, we will have to return - who knows, maybe we'll try again next year??

But as we mentioned in the last blog, we were bound for home. We rearranged our flights once we were back in Quito.  Got a direct flight from Quito to Panama, with a connecting flight to Vegas. Another long day. At the airport by 3:45 am and landed in Vegas at 1:45 (3 hour time change) We rented a car and drove t Pahrump where we picked up our car (thank you again Theresa) and got a room.

We got as far as Buhl, Idaho on day number 1 of our drive home. Day 2 we were in our driveway.  But not until 7 pm - we left at 7 am.  Hit some pretty terrible road conditions along the way. Ditched our poor little Suzie just outside of Ely, Nevada. Flattened one of her tires and took out a pole doing so. But we were back on the road a couple of hours later. The rest of the drive was good. We were worried about the Cabbage Hill pass to Pendleton. It's always bad - - - but yesterday it was good.  Wet, but not icy. 

Today we are guests in our own home.  We had to come home for some 'winter' clothing, as we'll be heading to Kelowna tomorrow morning for two months. Look what we came back to!!

There we will stay with Michel's dad and help with selling the house and getting them situated in a home. It sounds like his mom will be 6 weeks before she's home, so all should be done by then.