July 23, 2013

Christina Lake - This morning we decided to drive into Christina Lake. It's less than an hours drive, but we don't get a chance to get there very often. Michel wanted to try out this new board - that is the new rage for the summer.

It's a great work out, so they say, and after an hour of standing and paddling, he was ready to come it. His arms were very tired.

So after lunch at Lisa's Bistro, we went and relaxed at the beach for a while. You can see our two chairs on the beach where we sat in the sun and baked and read.

The water was nice and warm, and refreshing in the hot sun. We had a great day!! We really should do stuff like this more often.

July 20, 2013

Ron Lyttle, Michel and Jim Miljour
I had a wonderful birthday again this year!! No surprise visit from my kids, but we shared the evening with friends, and it doesn't get much better than that!! Michel had a visit from two of his old real estate buddies, so as well as visiting all day, they joined us in the evening for a few brewskies and lots of laughs!! Ron lives in the States now, and Jim resides in Karemeos.
And of course, our good friends Steve and Doreen were here to share the evening. It wouldn't be the same without them. This time their son Wayne and his wife Ellie and one-year old daughter Ava were also here. Little Ava is such a sweetie - and such a good little girl. Snoozed and played the whole evening.

Wayne, with wife Ellie and baby daughter Ava.

We had a great evening. Michel built us a huge fire. Steve played some guitar and sang for us, and told many jokes. Had us laughing our faces off once again. Ron tells a pretty good joke too, so it was like "dueling jokes" for awhile. Gut-splitting laughter....

Another good party. I always ask- who has more fun than us?

And the answer is:  NOBODY!!

July 18, 2013

So far we've had a busy week...We were sad to hear that my cousin Darlene and her husband Ed (from Plamondon, AB) would not be coming as planned this week. Hopefully next year their holiday plans will work out for them.
Saturday night we went over to Steve and Doreen's for the evening. We always have a good time with them.
And on Sunday we had a nice visit with Michel's nephew Shane (Nixon) and his girlfriend Karen. He is the youngest son of Michel's sister, Lise, who has 6 sons!! We had a b-b-q in the afternoon, and a fire in the yard in the evening. It was really nice to have them here.  What a lovely couple!!
Then on Tuesday, just for something to do, we drove to Osoyoos and Oliver again. The cherry season is at its' end and we needed one last cherry fix. So Michel picked us another 13 pounds.
Whew - - - It was at least 35 degrees in Osoyoos - hot as blazes - BUT our little Suzi has a/c and we were nice and comfortable! We had a great day, lunch on the lake in Osoyoos - home by mid-afternoon.