September 26, 2011

It's raining today -
we haven't had rain since June and we can really feel the cold. The leaves are all falling from the trees. I believe Autumn has arrived!

We've spent quite a bit of time with friends Steve and Doreen this summer. I must say we've had fun!!
Steve brings his guitar and on a few occasions, friends of theirs, and we've had a few songs and a few brewskies around the campfire.

This couple, Doug and Jeanette have been friends of Steve and Doreens' for many years and they joined us one evening. We had a very enjoyable evening.
A few weeks back we went to the Rock Creek Fall Fair with Steve and Doreen. She had to work in a booth for the company she works for, so we hung out and after went to the Prospector Pub for a pint. We had the waitress snap this picture. It looks like we're having fun!!!!

Ended up back at their place to finish out the evening. Here is a picture of Steve strumming his guitar, while we all sat back and listened.... actually, if truth be known we had quite a sing-song that night, mostly we sang back up - laughing the whole time. We figured there are not too many people who have more fun than we do!

September 7, 2011

Well - we've finished laying the paving stones! Every last one of them - broken included! And there was just enough to do the job. Next year we'll tackle the gazebo floor and the lower deck. But we're not sure what we'll do with it yet. At least we have awhile to think about it. So the following pictures will show you what it looks like.  
You can see where we've used the broken tiles to create a mosaic pattern for the smaller pathways. I can't believe how many tiles we laid down. 
This is another view - we've planted a few cedars - we'll see how they winter - hopefully the deer won't destroy them! 
And this one shows off the solar lamp we bought to 'light the path'.

Anyway - we're enjoying the yard, after all the hard work it's nice to sit back and relax!

September 2, 2011

After we got finished 'working' today we visited with friends who were camped at Jewel Lake. Had a nice fire and a good visit. In this picture: (l to r) Leslie, Phil, Terry, myself and Rose. You will remember Rose and Phil from earlier posts. Terry and Leslie work for the same company we do in the summer, taking care of parks. This year they camp hosted for a time at Kettle River Prov. Campground. Won't be long now and we'll all be getting ready to head south!!!