April 19, 2010

What a whirlwind this weekend was!!

My kids and grandkids met us at Wilderness Park on Crimson Lake, a nice RV park just outside of Rocky Mountain House, AB. We had a wonderful weekend of camping, talking, laughing, playing and of course - eating. As seen in this picture:

(clockwise l to r: Rob, Tammy, Tristan, Myself, Farren, Melody, Kim)

The weather was great and our time together was too short, but none the less wonderful. Here are some pictures of us just 'having fun' and enjoying being together.

My daughter Tammy and her man Rob ( ain't love grand??)

my grandkids Tristan and Melody playing at the park

Michel swinging with Tristan

On Sunday we went to the Calgary Zoo. This was Melody's first time at this zoo (mine too I might add) and we all revelled in her excitement. She couldn't wait to see the monkeys.
Her favorite animals were the monkeys and 'puppies' (African Wild Dogs) - go figure??

Farren, Kim and Melody

April 15, 2010

Welcome to the world baby Emily!!

Meet Emily - the newest addition to the family. Michel's daughter Alisha and her husband Rob are the proud parents. She was born while we were in Mexico on March 14th, so we were anxious to get back home to meet her - and we must say she's adorable!!

Here is a picture of the very proud momma - Alisha

And we mustn't forget the proud grandpa!!!

And here is a nice shot of the new happy family!!

While in Calgary we visited with Michel's sisters. In this picture are Pat and Lise's four younger boys. You will remember three of them from the Alaska Cruise. No picture of Lise and Pat cause the camera batteries died when we were relaxing in the hot tub.....

l to r: Daniel, Ryan, Michel, Shane and Tyler

And here is a shot of Michel's middle sister Suzanne and her husband Harry.

April 8, 2010

We're on our way home.
Should be crossing the Alberta border on Saturday (the day after tomorrow). Where do I begin, it's been so long since I've updated the blog. When we got back from Mexico we spent 4 days at Desert Pools and another week at Catalina Spa, in Desert Hot Springs. We did the usual thing - hanging out by the pool, into Palm Springs for dinner and (window) shopping..... We decided this year we would go home a different route. We want to go to Alberta to meet and greet the newest addition to the family - Michel's new granddaughter, born March 14th (more about her in the next blog) ..... So along the way we thought we would do the 'tourist' thing again.... you know... Grand Canyon, etc, etc.... So we went to Phoenix and headed north.

We spent a night (April 1st) at Camp Verde, just to regroup and plan our route of attack.. We left Camp Verde April 2nd, detoured through the Painted Desert National Park and ended up in Cameron, Az for the night.

April 3rd - Michel's Brithday - we unhooked the car (left the rig in town) and drove up to the Grand Canyon and spent the day. Had his b'day lunch at a Pizza Pub... All is good!! But we could have chosen a better time of year to be there... Easter Weekend - there were millions of people, and half were kids.....breathtaking!!

a picture of us with the Grand Canyon in the background

(this picture is the walkway from the boat)

This is the Rainbow Bridge - - - -

The white line on these rocks is the high water mark - this happened in 1988