October 29, 2008

High today was only 7 degrees - but there was no sun so it seemed a lot colder.
Michel had a dentist appointment this morning - finished up a crown.
I was waiting for him at the coffee shop next door to the dentist reading through a few magazines. Quiet day for us today, but I'll leave you with this quote that I came across in one of those magazines........

Thought for the day -

Never answer an angry word with an angry word.
It's the second one that makes the quarrel - W.A. Nance Cleric

October 26, 2008

The weather here has been cooling off. Temperatures around 10-13 degrees in the afternoons, and we have been taking advantage of the beautifull sunshine. Michel goes for a walk almost every day - I join him, but not every day. We've been touring the hills on the west side of Greenwood, and exploring the trails and old mine shafts. (here is a picture of Michel inside the opening of one of the many abandoned mine shafts)

Here we have a of picture of the fall scenery - the trail that we were driving on.

And in this photo we have a view of Greenwood from the North. You can see the school and directly beside it to the right is the area we live in...

October 17, 2008

Well, we're still in Greenwood.

Usually we'd be leaving for the south by now, but as of yet we've made no plans to go. Earlier this spring I unloaded EVERYTHING from the motorhome into our new mobile home and this week Michel was busy outside winterizing the moho. We're going to try to hang out here for the winter. How else will we know if we like it here or not? But of course, nothing is written in stone..... if we decide that we just can't put up with the winter .... we'll just go.

October 12, 2008

My daughter Tammy and grandson Tristan were here to share Thanksgiving with us.
As you can see by the date on the picture, September 20th, it was taken the last time they came to visit. We were so busy visiting and playing, I didn't even think to take out the camera. But we enjoyed their company and had a wonderful visit. It will actually be our last visit until next summer because they are moving - from Kelowna - back to Grimshaw (northern Alberta) where they will begin 'a new life'. Tammy met a wonderful man who wants them to share his life with him. He has a good job and his own place just outside of Grimshaw, so that is where they will all live. I'm sad that they are leaving - BUT no one deserves happiness more than Tammy - I'm so happy for them. Maybe we'll be hearing wedding bells?