November 23,2017

Thanksgiving at Fiesta RV Park. They always put on a great dinner and this year was not disappointing. 

Our good friends Rich and Tina joined us and we were joined by another couple Donna and Brian.

They are new to this park and hail from Whitecourt, AB.  We had a good afternoon chatting and eating (of course). 

Here are a couple of odd shots of the group lining up for the feast.

And last but not least a good picture of the four of us.
Rich, Michel, Myself and Tina!

November 11, 2017

Ten days into our stay here at Fiesta RV Resort in Bullhead City, AZ. and I have to tell you all that I haven't done anything!! Since we arrived I have been battling an awful cold/flu. Most of my time has bee spent in bed (or not far from it). It is a good thing this park has lots of activities. Michel has managed to keep busy getting reaquainted with the place and the people who stay here for the winter.

Finally this last week I joined the land of the living and yesterday we drove over to Laughlin to meet up with some old friends!!  Carol and Trevor Gill, our English friends from Vernon are on their way to Lode Marco, Mexico to spend their winter. We haven't seen them in years!! Met them at Onac RV Park in Teacapan, Mexico way back in 2007. Since then they have been everywhere!! RVing through Europe was their latest adventure. They sure do have the wandering spirit...

It was so great to catch up with them and share our stories. We wish them many more years of travelling and exploring!

November 01, 2017

Hello friends and family. No, we did not fall off the face of the earth. October was a busy month. I had surgery on my left hand, and we are confident that it has turned out better than the surgery on my right hand. So far - so good!!  

Michel took a day-trip to Karemeos to visit with his friends Jim, who lives in Keremeos and Ron, who was up visiting from Philadelphia. He had a good visit! 

Then we were busy loading the motor home and getting it ready for our trip south. 

We had a short visit from friends Bob and Anne from West Kelowna before we departed on October 26th. 

We landed here in Bullhead City got all settled into Fiesta RV Park today. Our journey was quite uneventful. We spent two nights at the Pahranagat Wild Life Refuge, just north of Las Vegas. 

It is always so peaceful here and usually pretty hard to get into because it is usually full. It is probably one of the last parks that is FREE!! 

Anyway - we arrived safe and sound (well pretty sound - lol) and our plan is to hang out here until after Christmas.

More later - thanks for reading!

September 27, 2017

Three days ago Michel and I were sitting outside saying "It doesn't even look like fall. The leaves on the trees are still green"... Then all of a sudden yesterday "BAM!"  Its Fall!  

The trees across the creek are beautiful. Reds and yellows. There is so much beauty in nature but fall is especially awesome! 

Our yard looks like fall for the most part. We have been busy putting the plants to bed for the winter. But we still have some blooms out there.

Someone needs to tell my roses that summer is over. They look better now than they did all year. But we had such a hot, dry summer I think they are just enjoying the coolness that we have going on now. 

A month from now we will be heading south again. Leaving our place here on the creek is always bittersweet. Hate to leave, but that makes coming back extra special.  

Life is good - thanks for reading!

September 12, 2017

Where has the summer gone? I cannot believe it is already September, and half way through September no-less!!

The long week-end came and went, much too fast I will add, but we had a very nice visit with my bff Deb and her husband Len (Wald). Can't say we did much, but we certainly did chat a lot, ate a lot and even had a few brewskies (and wine too of course!)

It's always sad to see them go, but I am so grateful that they take the time to come out this way to see us. Until we meet up again - take care of each other - we love you! 💖

So, this past weekend we took an over night Casino tour (bus)  to Worley, Idaho.  

Not particularly something Michel wanted to do, but I did, so off we went. We played bingo on the bus both on the way down and on the way back. Then we played some more at the casino for quite a few hours. We didn't win anything but two people from our group managed to take home just under $1,000. Not bad I say. 

It was fun and we got to get to know a few more people from our little city. Had dinner with a small group (l to r clockwise) Leo and Solange, Michel, Ron, Bob, (toasting with a huge beer) Jacqui and Charlene. 

I think a good time was had by all  👍
Most everyone goes 3-4 times a year, but I can't see us doing that. I can say now that I've been there - done that and had fun!

August 6, 2017

We had a nice visit this weekend from Michel's son Richard, his wife Shannon and his two adorable little girls Addy and Halle. 

They have a very busy life in Kelowna and don't get down here to Greenwood very often, so we really enjoyed having them around, even if it was only for a short while.

It was a very hot weekend and everyone really enjoyed playing in the creek. The creek water will never be warm enough for me, but their dog Charlie and the little girls sure did have fun paddling around and splashing Grandpa Mike!

They brought their bikes and had a nice long ride along the Canada Trail to town. Addy, (the oldest of the two) got a dirt bike this year so she's in her glory bombing around on it. 

It was a busy, fun weekend and the little girls were excited to sleep in the motor home. 

Thank you for coming to visit. You are always welcome! 

July 23, 2017

The past week has been a busy one.... with company! 
We were expecting my cousin Karen and her husband Tom (from Florida) the last week in July, but an unexpected change in their plans brought them to our neck of the woods ten days earlier. 

We also had a visit from a girlfriend from Kamloops. Ginette is a working gal and had a few days off, so we welcomed her as well.  We had a good visit.

Ginette has known Steve and Doreen for many years, and Karen and Tom met them the last time they visited us, so on Friday night of the weekend we invited them to join us. 

We had a fun time, had a few beers (wine too), visited, ate and sang some songs. No campfire though... that fire ban doesn't put a damper on our sing-songs....

Steve and Tom took turns entertaining us, and we all belted out the songs they were playing.

After the weekend we took a little trip to Osoyoos. We picked cherries, had a late lunch and hung out for awhile. We enjoyed our time with Karen and Tom. We played a little 'sequence'; took a little tour of our back country up to the 'City of Paris', and to check out an old mine in the hills.  It's always sad to see them go, but we had them here for almost a week and they had to push on. 

Karen and Tom left on the 20th, my birthday. Michel took me out for dinner then Solange and Leo and Steve and Doreen came over in the evening.  Once again we enjoyed a good time, lots of laughter, a little wine, and more song!  

We do live the good life....Thanks for reading!