June 5, 2017

Sunday - Fun Day! 

Our first run with the Greenwood/Boundary ATV Club and their first run of season.  

Our newest toy - the red one - LOL!
the one on the right. It's an Arctic Cat 500 - and it's a two-up so we can ride together. 

Our first stop along the way was the ski chalet up at Phoenix Ski Hill. 

The view from the top was quite grand. 

Stop number two was to visit the old Rock Oven Camp. Here we parked and walked up.

These Rock Ovens were widely used by people living in the bush in the railroad era. Those ovens were a marvel of efficiency. 

Early in the morning a large fire was built inside and when the rocks reached the required temperature, the coals were scraped out and the entrance carefully sealed to allow several hours of baking, roasting and heating food. 

Onward and forward - another stop - the old trestles, part of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

These treasures are a well-kept secret, as many of the people who have lived in this area for years had no idea they were even here...

Our final stop was Marshall Lake, located high in the hills between Greenwood and Grand Forks. Here we were welcomed with a campfire and a number of non-riding members of the ATV club. Not much beats the taste of the first campfire roasted hotdog of the season! Yummy! 

The Greenwood Boundary ATV club is an active club with over 40 members. On this day there were 15 ATVs and Side-by-sides on the ride and over 30 members and guests in attendance. It was a fun day - made it home just before the rain came pouring down (3:00 pm). 

On Tuesday, we had our first fire in our gazebo. A much smaller group, just our buddies Steve and Doreen. Always enjoy our time with them. A little guitar pickin a lot of talk and laughter!! 


May 29, 2017

My two grand-daughters Melody and Violet 
Family time .....
On Thursday May 18th I flew to Edmonton for a couple of weeks of family time. Michel stayed at home and entertained himself with yard work .. I think I got the better deal!

My son-in-law Rob picked me up at the airport then on Friday we left for Peace River, where we visited with my son Farren and his little family for the long weekend.  
Farren flipping burgers for dinner!

We had a wonderful time - a little family reunion so to speak - the only one missing was Tristan! But I got lots of hugs from my little girls which made this grandma happy! It's always sad for me when we leave. 

Tristan (my grandson) and Tammy (my daughter)

I did get to see Tristan for a while when we got back to my daughter's place. He's a working man now so was only home for the day and gone again. Still had hugs for his grandma though!!

I spent the whole of last week at my daughters house and on
Wednesday morning my cousin Norman and his lovely wife Alice drove out for the day. It's always wonderful to spend time with them and this time was no different. They drove over at the beginning of the storm that swept through southern Alberta and by 4 o'clock we were without power and it was pouring down buckets! So much for the BBQ I was planning. But that didn't hinder anything. We cooked on the stove and talked, laughed and reminisced by candle light. They left for home the next morning. The storm had passed but we were still without power until 1 o'clock that afternoon. It's always so great to visit with Alice and Norman. Thank you for coming over!!

Friday evening my oldest and dearest friend Deb and her husband Len drove over from St. Albert to spend the weekend. I can always count on a visit with Deb. If I can't make it to her place she will definitely come to see me.  The weather cooperated for the weekend with sunshine and a lot of outside time. We had a super time as we always do when we get together. Thank you for driving over to see me. We'll see you again in August!!

Today I get to spend the day with Tammy. She's been working all week and now has two days off.  This is our only mother-daughter day this trip so I'm going to really enjoy it. Tomorrow I fly back home. Thank you sweetie for allowing me to treat your home as though it were mine - lol 

May 6, 2017

Flooding waters .... 

We have been home for a  month now and we've seen a LOT of rain!   Our creek is high and still rising.  In some parts of our little city the banks have burst, yards are under water and basements are flooding.  I don't believe we've ever seen the creek this high.  Hopefully it stops raining soon! 

Don't get me wrong it isn't all bad.... we have seen the sun on a few occasions. We've managed to get into the yard to get the flower beds ready. Michel even mowed the lawn already....

We are now in the midst of planning our trip to Alberta. We'll be there for about two weeks visiting my kids, friends and family. 

April 11, 2017

At long last, an update!!  

We left Phoenix on Monday the 22nd of March enroute to Sky Valley California and our good friends Steve and Doreen.  Along the way we had pizza at Silly Als in Quartzite and spent a couple of nights at an RV park in Ehrenberg, but we arrived on Friday in good time to help them celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary the next day.  Red Lobster was the restaurant of choice for this occasion ... yummy!!

(drinks at Red Lobster before dinner)

We stayed for ten days at Sky Valley RV Park so in this time we visited and hung out with them and caught up on all things new... a few outings to eat and a few glasses of wine (beer).

(drinks before dinner at Red Lobster)

(Tracy, Ron and Michel - picture taken at Elliott Lake)

We also had the chance to visit with Ron and Tracy whom we spent time with in Elliott Lake Ontario in June. It was great to see them again. 

April 3rd was our departure date and we had a good drive home, arriving yesterday morning.  We encountered snow along the Salmon River road and it was snowing when we arrived in Greenwood, but today the sun is shining. 

It is good to be back home again!!

March 19, 2017

It's been over three weeks since we pulled into Sarah and Jim's yard, but now it's time to move along.  

We have to say it's been great! Michel stayed busy and we've had ample time to visit. 

I have learned a few things about a horse ranch. The number one thing is that it is far too much work for me!! They board four horses and own three, so between shoveling poop (constantly) and feeding, it is a full-time j-o-b! 

But Sarah and Jim seem to be quite content with this 'laid back' lifestyle. Sarah uses her horses for her business www.desertawakenings.com and between the two of them they are very busy.  

Until we see you again - good bye my friends! Stay happy and take care of each other.

March 14, 2017

What a wonderful surprise when Tammy told me she and Rob were coming to Phoenix for a small holiday to visit the area. 

They flew in last Wednesday, rented a car and drove around visiting Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and everything in between. I think he said they drove 2,000 miles!

Yesterday they arrived back here in Phoenix, so we met up for dinner then they came back to the ranch with us. We laughed and talked and just relaxed for a couple of hours before they had to head back to their hotel.   

It was awesome to see them; wonderful to wrap my arms around my girl and hug her, so comforting to just be with her!  

Today they fly back to Edmonton. A great holiday but much too short!

March 12, 2017

Tewa wandering around checking things out!

So, we've been in Phoenix at Jim and Sarah's for two weeks and it's been great. 

Michel has been keeping busy with a plumbing project in the ensuite.  

A leak had to be found and it was coming from the shower ... somewhere!!  As it turned out the job was a very big one, and much more physical than Michel had thought it would be, but he persevered and after two weeks he can be proud of the job he did!

First job was to jack hammer out the shower floor in order to located the leak.

Here he found huge roots! This leak had been feeding these roots for many years. What a mess....but, once these roots were cut away he was able to find the leak and fix it then begin the new shower floor. 

After many trips to Home Depot for supplies and equipment, and many bags of concrete (26 to be exact, all carried and mixed by hand) the shower was ready for tile. 

Of course the original tile is no longer available so rather than try to match the tile they decided on contrast. 

The end result is pretty nice. Sarah is more than happy with it!

Michel likes to keep busy and this 'project' did just that!