January 30, 2007

Well, what can I say this time? We truly have done a lot of nothing lately. The weather here has been unusually cold and windy, so we haven’t been up to very much. Michel has an old computer game that he’s really gotten into. Indiana Jones. It keeps him busy. We both enjoy sudoku puzzles and reading, so we’ve occupied ourselves with these activities. We’ve met people who we’ve been hangin’ out with too. Happy Hour - you know.
And we still enjoy an outing or two during the week to Fandangos - usually Wednesday for Music Bingo then on Thursday to listen to Buzz.
We did venture out to Playa de oro, which is north about 4 km from downtown San Felipe, to listen to the Sons of the Beaches - - Fred (the drummer) is from Penticton; and Denny (the singer and keyboarder) lives here, but used to play with the Bee Gees. They are very good.

We’ve been on two more buggy trips since my last update. On Sunday we took a little buggy out for a test run. We took it along the beach. Here is a picture of the buggy Michel and I played in, and one of the beach we were driving on.

This one is of the Eldorado Ranch. This is where the majority of the construction is happening. It’s amazing! Last year we stayed in their RV park in this spot, but this year it’s grown up too much - they don’t have an RV park anymore. Had to make room for condos.
We went to a Dinner Theatre a week of so back. It was quite enjoyable. It was called “Cooking With Gus” and was performed by four people. We had a good laugh - oh and a good dinner too.
We also took in the Taste of San Felipe. There were 20 or so restaurants who took part, and we just walked up the street and ate for TWO HOURS!!! There was a great turnout - and we ate far too much.

January 9, 2007

We’ve had quite a few windy days. Usually the sun still shines pretty nice, but the winds on a few days were such that we just stayed in. Sand blowing all over the place. But today it was hot and beautiful.

We took a little tour of the desert today. We went with new friends from Florida, Joe and Lindsay who own a big purple rail and a big house; Ken, our tae-kwon-doe friend we met last year, and his jeep and then there was us in our little Tracker. I can see why people buy those buggies, they go like light through the desert, through the sand and over the bumps. We did too, but a little slower. Maybe that’s a good thing?

This picture on the left is a little desert scenery. You don’t have to look too far to find a burned out vehicle in the desert.

We met a couple, Don and Vi Benson, from Edmonton who have a winter home here. He builds these dune buggies, 3 per year while he‘s here. We spend quite a bit of time with them and Michel enjoys helping him out in his huge mechanical shop. Apparently he has an identical shop at home. Anyway, next time in the desert we’ll be going with him and using one of his buggies. I’ll let you know what that is like.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Christmas and we wish only good things for you in the new year.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written, I think I might have lost some of the momentum. So where do I begin. We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve we attended a non-denominational church service. It was a candlelight service and it was beautiful. No pictures of it - you’ll have to take our word for it….

On Christmas Day we attended a ‘pot luck’ dinner at our favorite bar “Fandangos”. There was turkey, beef, all kinds of salads and lots of scallop potatoes. It wasn’t your traditional Christmas Dinner but we ate lots and enjoyed the company. This picture was taken by Victor, the owner of the establishment. We enjoyed the company of Buzz and Heather Byers, who hail from Penticton. He plays a mean steel guitar and sings, and entertains once a week at Fandangos.
On Boxing Day we ventured across the border into El Centro, US for a little shopping at Costco. It was an early morning and a long day, but we managed to call home and talk to Michel’s mom and dad and to my kids. All is well - both here and there!!!

On New Years Eve we were back at Fandangos - you’d think we lived there!! Well, almost. Buzz was the entertainment and the owners brought out the champagne at midnight and thenfireworks afterwards. They do like their fireworks here!!
It was a quiet evening, nowhere near as many people as expected, but it was fun.