October 27, 2016

The Comedy Zone Experience last Friday was very good.  We listened to the jokes and banter of Jody Kern and laughed until our cheeks hurt. Her show was opened by Eric Grady - the "world's tallest comedian" (6' 9" and 155 pounds), and he was a pretty funny dude. Even the band that played outside the theatre before the show was really good! All in all it was a great evening. As always, we enjoyed our time with Tom and Karen!

We brought our motorhome in for a new front window on Monday morning so we went for breakfast with Tom and Karen and then spent the day shopping. We had a leaky water pipe in the slide out from our kitchen sink so we had to get the parts to get that fixed and we had a small list of last-minute things to buy for our flight next week. I must tell you Michel has had a challenge replacing the pipe and refitting it. Inside a cupboard is a very small working space. We've been back and forth to town a couple of times for this project. 

Yesterday we met Tom and Karen at Squid Lips - their favorite place to eat. Karen got a new IPhone (her first IPhone) from her son, Ryan in Vancouver, when he upgraded.  This is the first picture she took with her new phone.....

We enjoyed happy hour with great conversation, and a very good meal.

(picture borrowed from the internet)

After dinner we strolled over to Captain Hirams Sandbar Beach Club. We had never been there, and though we didn't stay very long, we got a chance to see it.  On a good day the Sandbar is packed, bands play and people dance, drink and visit.

There are three bars and two band stages, and a restaurant all on the beach.  Cool place!  

Another good evening!! 

October 21, 2016

It is said that time flies when you are having fun... And is Time ever going by fast, we are down to the last 10 days here in Vero Beach. I can't say we've been extremely busy, but we have kept busy. And, yes we have managed to visit back and forth with Tom and Karen quite a bit, at least a few times a week! 

Last Friday we took in a free outside concert at Riverside Park. The Beatle Guys put on a great show. They played for three hours and sang song after song of the old Beatles songs.  Of course, we all remember those tunes, so we were singing right along!  Check these guys out, they are very good! This is their Promotional Video I 'borrowed' from the internet. 

On Tuesday we had a shopping day then went to Tom and Karens for dinner. We played Sequence in the evening and talked and laughed until 1:30 am. We haven't been up that late in a while - lol!!  But we spent the night and went for breakfast the next morning. 

Tonight Tom and Karen are coming here for dinner and cards, and tomorrow night we have tickets for The Comedy Zone Experience at the Riverside Theatre. Sounds like fun to me...

Life is good - thanks for reading!

October 13, 2016

Let me catch you up on what's been happening this week. The park is busy with landscape cleaning after Hurricane Matthew. Crews are raking and trimming trees and it is looking pretty good again. The park is slowly filling up as Snowbirds are beginning to arrive.

On Sunday we spent the afternoon with Tom and Karen. They took us to Fort Pierce where we walked along the boardwalk on this very warm and windy day.  

(picture borrowed  from the internet)

There were people walking, fishing and just relaxing....

It was a great day for Kite Surfing, and Michel was mesmerized. It is definitely something he wants to try!!

(picture borrowed from the internet)

Then is was happy hour at Harbour Cove Bar and Grill.

We tried their featured drinks - Mine was a 'Bushwacker", rightly named, and Michel and Karen had a Guava drink, nice and refreshing ..... Tom stuck to beer!

Later it was back to Karen and Toms where they treated us to a wonderful 'cod' dinner! Thank You, it was delicious

Monday we had a Happy Hour with new friends, Keven and Debbie, from Michigan. Very nice couple who live a few RVs up from us, and very interesting to talk to. I'll post pictures when we enjoy our next happy hour with them!

Last night it was my turn to cook for Tom and Karen. Lots more chatter and laughter, and maybe a little wine!! Another good day!!

We are certainly blessed!

Until next time .... thanks for reading!

October 08, 2016

Update from Hurricane Matthew!
Although we gave some thought to hunkering down at Tom and Karen's, in the end we decided to "get that motor running" and head west with the motorhome and the car...after all, where would we live if something happened to the motorhome? 

As you can see we weren't the only ones thinking the same way.... this is the evacuation traffic along US Hwy 60 West Wednesday morning. This photo was taken 2 miles east of the Florida Turnpike. The slow down here was generally because three lanes were merging into one. Cars off of the Turnpike also merging onto the 60 to get to Tampa. This two mile section took us about an hour to get by, but after the Turnpike entrance the traffic spaced out and carried on without an incident.  We went as far as Branden and stayed at a Walmart along with many other RVs to wait out the storm. The parking lot at the Walmart in Bartow looked like an RV park!

We returned this morning to our RV park here in Vero Beach. All is good here, we have power as well as cable and internet! 

It's as if nothing happened, except for a few downed tree limbs and the debris strewn all over our previously nice clean park. 

Most of it has been clean up already and life will carry on.

Thanks for reading - life if good!!

October 04, 2016

everything was sorted out! 
We moved again! 
But we'll be in this spot, along the back row, for the month. A creek runs behind us. We were told there is a small alligator who lives in the waters in this RV park, but so far we haven't seen hide nor hair of it! Maybe a good thing??  

This is a nice park with a nice pool, although as of today there are still many empty sites. They do expect that to be a constant change over the next few weeks. 

If you've been following the news at all, Hurricane Matthew, now a category 3, is heading right for us! Today, while at the office to check the mail, we were given sheets of paper with 'instructions' in case we are evacuated.... I never even gave that a thought! I guess if we are evacuated we'll make our way to Tom and Karens - but what if they are evacuated too!!

Anyway - that will not consume our thoughts. We'll take it as it comes. 

October 01, 2016

It's October already!! 
Where did September go?? We've been here for a week, I think our time will go by very fast. 

Entrance Pond McKee Botanical Garden
We spent the morning moving....from one site to another in the same park. BUT ... It seems that Comcast cuts the cable line on unused sites/houses and the earliest we could get a tech to come out was mid October - that will not do!! So we moved back to our previous site. We'll sort it all out on Monday when the office re-opens for the week.  But at least we have internet and cable.

(sculpted by the same artist we saw earlier in 

Salem, Mass.- Patrick Dougherty)
We visited McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach this afternoon.

A lovely way to spend a hot humid day, in a jungle garden! We strolled along the meandering paths amid the greenery, the artworks, ponds and bridges.

Giant Amazon Waterlily - they look like trays floating on the water. 
Wooden bridges over the ponds 

And this beautiful rock bridge!
The Sleeping Tree - blown over in 1979 by Hurricane David, it landed in its 'sleeping' position. Roots were still intact and in the ground, so it continued to grow in that position.

The Hall of Giants, built in 1941 to house the world's largest one-piece mahogany table.
The mahogany table - one 38 foot solid piece of mahogany!