April 29, 2014

The month of April is almost over and we don't know where the time gone.  Since we've been home the weather hasn't been very nice. Lots of rain and we even had snow on the ground last Sunday, but it didn't last very long. We are fortunate though that we do get sunshine. Today is looking like a promising day!

I had my hand surgery for Dupuytrens on Thursday, April 24th and I believe all went well. I already had my first bout of therapy yesterday, (had to go back to Kelowna)  and now instead of having my hand all bandaged up it only has a small bandage and I have to wear a night splint. But it's my right hand, so it is a little inconvenient. Michel has been busy doing the household things that I usually do.  We have another trip to Kelowna on May 7th for follow up with both the doctor and the therapist, and I hope that will be it for awhile although the therapist says I'll be wearing the splint for 5-6 months!!!

We will be starting our job on May 15th and we are looking forward to that. I am hoping to be able to get into the flower gardens over the next 2-3 weeks. 

Anyway we're looking forward to another summer in our little piece of paradise -   

April 10, 2014

 April 7th we said good bye to friends Steve & Doreen and Doug & Ginette at Sky Valley and left for our journey home. We met up with Rich and Tina and camped for the night at Pahanagrat Wildlife Preserve. They arrived early, which was a good thing because they were full except for two spots and they had a tough time trying to save us the spot next to them. But they managed, although the management was sending people away because they were full. 

We didn't really travel together, but we did end up at the same place for the next two nights.  Jackpot, NV the first night, then the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton, OR. (No snow or rain on the pass this year, we had beautiful travelling weather) Then we had to say good bye and head off in our own direction.  

We took a different route this year, deciding on Hwy 21 for a straight shot north avoiding Spokane altogether. 
(view of Keller from the top of the hill)
And it was a wonderful drive although slower because of hairpin curves and sloping terrain

The view was beautiful, and well worth it. 

This is Keller Lake, where we boarded the ferry to cross to the other side. Our motorhome and car took up almost the whole middle lane on the ferry. First on - first off.... 

(Keller Ferry coming in)

We crossed the border at Midway just after two o'clock this afternoon. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. It is always so nice to come home. Love going south for the winter, but so love to be home in the spring. The snow is gone, the creek is running. 

(boarding the ferry) 

April 6, 2014

The week has gone by in a flash. Tomorrow we leave for home and we won't have internet until we get there. Said good bye to Rich and Tina on Saturday, but we'll be meeting up with them again on Monday and travelling together for a couple of days. 

We had a very busy fun-filled week and even managed to get in some pool time in between our visits and happy hours. We the whole group headed into Palm Springs on Thursday for dinner at Las Consuelas to celebrate Michel's birthday and Rich and Tina's Anniversary. Dinner was excellent as per usual. 

L to R (clockwise) Doug, Wayne, Steve, Michel, Rich, Tina, Sandy Doreen, Ginette and Ellie

Michel blowing out the candle on his Birthday Flan.

After dinner we took in the Street Market, that happens every Thursday night on the main street in Palm Springs. There were vendors lined up and down the street for probably 6 blocks. So we managed to 'walk off' a couple of those calories that we chomped down at Las Consuelas. 

Our second visit to Dillon Roadhouse in a week.  The first time there was only Rich and Tina and us for $5.00 cheeseburgers. But this Friday night was kareoke night, and  the whole group went down to sing and cash in on 2 for 1 burgers. Sometimes I think all we do is eat. Steve and Doreen are the singers in our group, but there were quite a few other people who got up to entertain us as well. Most with good voices, but a few we wish we didn't have to listen to (lol)..
Tina, Rich, Jim and Sharon, Michel

 Jim and Sharon are friends of Rich and Tina's who came down to join us for a brew. We all had a great time. Dillon Roadhouse is a very popular bar and it is patronized not only by the locals, but also by the snowbirds who 'flock' down to spent their winters in the area. 

April 1, 2014

Sorry my posts are so few and far between, but here is an update so y'all will know where we've been and when we'll arrive at home. We left Fiesta RV Resort in Bullhead City on March 10th. We headed south to Quartzite then down to Yuma. There we got dental work done in Algodones, MX (ouch) and got in another visit with cousin Lou and his wife Grace. 

(L to R:  Tina, Rod, Rich, Deb, Wayne, Jean and Michel.)
We met up with Rich and Tina again in Desert Hot Springs where we spent the past two weeks parked side by side at Catalina Spa for one week and then Desert Pools for another. 
In this time we took pickleball lessons (again) and went to College of the Desert Open Market, ate out a few times, and had a few happy hours. We met up with friends Deb and Wayne (Utah) and Jean and Rod (BC) for happy hour. 
(L to R: Michel, Rich, Ann)

And happy hour with a couple of times with Ron and Ann (BC) and friends of theirs, Sharon and Andy, also from BC.

Ron and Ann left for home on Wednesday. We have one more week before we head home. 

L to R: Ron, Sharon, Tina, Andy, Michel)
We arrived at Sky Valley RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs today so we have wifi this week - YEAH!!  We haven't had internet since we left Fiesta, unless we went out to find it, so this is really nice. Friends Doreen and Steve bought a park model here last year so we anxiously await their arrival today with their son Wayne and his wife Ellie. Doug and Ginette bought here too, and Rich and Tina booked into this park as well, so we anticipate a fun-filled week.