November 26, 2011

Last night we went to see Clint Black perform at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin. I forgot to bring my camera (surprise! surprise!) But it wouldn't have mattered if I had it, we couldn't see anything anyway.... We were very disappointed with the venue - The 'new' E Center is like a school gymnasium - with the stage at one end.  All the 'chairs' were set up on the floor, so really - only the people at the front were able to see. We were situated quite near the back, so a 'visual experience' we did not have!!! All in all though we had an enjoyable Saturday night out, finishing it off with a visit to the Riverside Casino, where Michel played a few hands of Texas Hold 'em and I plugged money into the machines!! It was a good night, Michel came away at least $50 ahead and I broke even.......

November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Animation Pictures .

Wishing all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

There was a wonderful 'pot luck' dinner for Thanksgiving here at the park with the Association providing the turkey and ham and the members all bringing the rest. There was so much food! What a selection. Who knew you could make green bean casserole so many ways??? But all jokes aside there was a wide variety of everything you can imagine - including the desert table......

Here we have friends from last year, and fellow French Canadians from Ontario, Denis (Mr Big) and Janine Barette.

This couple hail from Illinois. We met them last year as well - Cliff and Connie.....

A picture of us - with Denis and Janine,

November 13, 2011

We've settled into a routine of sorts here in Bullhead City. And at Fiesta RV Resort, we were welcomed back by friends we made last year, and have made new friends already this year. We take part each morning (Monday thru Friday) in the walk aerobics, along with 8 -10 ladies; Michel being the only guy in the class. Sometimes afterwards I'll take part in the water aerobics. Michel will go lift weights. But we always reward ourselves with a nice soak in the hot tub afterwards. This park is quite an active park, with lots of activities scheduled throughout the day and evening. Michel enjoys playing cards and there is no shortage of card playing around here. I've yet to join the painting ladies; maybe this week. We've played a little at the casino. I even dragged Michel to play a round of Bingo with me. He won twice! He played Texas Hold 'em in a tournament here at the park on Saturday and won 1st/2nd - he split the pot with the other person.

In the picture on the right: Bullhead City taken from across the river in Laughlin.

 Heading west on the Colorado River

This is the Riverwalk in Laughlin

November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day God bless our soldiers!

November 4, 2011

Well, today brought us something we've not seen too many times.
IT'S RAINING in Bullhead City, Arizona!!

This doesn't happen very often. The park is very quiet - nobody walking around this evening.

We're just hanging around inside our rig - Michel is doing a jigsaw puzzle, and I'm fooling around on the computer.

I guess this evening we'll just watch a little TV.

Thanks for reading - life is good!