August 27, 2014

 Today we attended the wedding of Shane Nixon to Karen Gebhart in Summerland. Mid-week weddings are kinda rare, but this Alberta couple saw this place on holidays last year and decided that their outdoor wedding had to take place there. The place is Punta Norte Bed and Breakfast, located on the lake just north of Summerand along Hwy 97. and this was the only date open for them. Go figure eh? 

Shane is the youngest of Michel's nephews and the last one to get married.  

They had a small ceremony officiated by Shane's father Pat Nixon in front of a small gathering of about 100 select friends and family.

Shane being a BIG Green Bay Packers fan - well check out the cake - need I say more !! He's a cheesehead! 

The dancing started around 9 after a wonderful meal of BBQ pork and chicken.

It was a very nice wedding, a lovely venue and everyone enjoyed visiting with family and friends.

Congratulations and best wishes to Shane and Karen Nixon.

August 23, 214

Fun in the Pub with friends!

We don't often spend the evening in the pub, but we met up on this occasion to have dinner and listen to the songs of Johnny Cash.  And I must say that this impersonator did a bang up job! 
Eileen, Myself and Doreen

Pictured above is Steve and Jack

The dinner special was a rack of ribs w/ baked potato and salad. It too was very good - fall off the bone ribs - yummy!

The beer flowed along with the conversation and laughter. 

And here on the right - the Man in Black himself who sang song after song from 8 pm until almost 10:30. 

The Greenwood Saloon was stand-up full. I don't think the bar fills to capacity very often, and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. I know we did!!

This is the only photo Michel was in all evening because he is the one snapping all the pictures.

We closed the bar down and were home by Midnight. Kevin, the owner was getting anxious for us to leave - lol. We were told that midnight is rather late for the bar to be open. 

Sure is different now than when we were younger. I remember closing the bar down at 2 am....

August 19, 2014

We've met such nice people in the years we've been park attendants at Boundary Creek and Jewel Lake Provincial Parks. A few of these we look forward to seeing year after year.  Barry and Helen Caywood are two of these people. They live in Saskatchewan and always manage to visit us in Greenwood on their round trip through Alberta and BC to see family. 

We did a little road trip with them this year to see their property, which is on the tip top of a hill overlooking Midway. You can get there by accessing the Gidon Forestry Road.  But I warn you it's a good ten mile drive. 

We just looked around for a bit, picked a few raspberries. There is a wonderful view from way up there.  

On our way back down we stopped to see the City of Paris, also known as #7 Ghost Camp. 

Number 7 mine mined silver, lead, zinc, and gold and ran from 1899 to around 1908. It was abandoned for around 2 years after 1908 reactivated and shut down permanently around 1912. 

Many of the old buildings in the lost City of Paris have been torn down by the current gold mine appropriation in the area. (Such a loss to history) 
We found No.7 mine buildings and portals are intact but the cabins are starting to decay significantly.

We had a good day, gathered around the campfire that evening and enjoyed our company. Safe travels to Barry and Helen, until we meet up again!!


August 16, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Today two became one; 
that simple - that beautiful. 

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Ranier

Ray (Yogi) and Dawn exchanged vows and rings in a very small and intimate ceremony on the beach at Jewel Lake Provincial Park. He proposed to her at this park two years ago and it was very fitting that the wedding take place here as well.  They asked us to witness this special day and share in the celebration. We were honoured! (They are regular campers at Jewel Lake and we've gotten to know them quite well over the last 6 years as park attendants.) 

Bud, who is a close friend of theirs officiated the wedding and other than him there were no others invited - and no one else even knew.

After the nuptials we went back up to their campsite where we all signed the register. Then we shared champagne and toasted to the new bride and groom.
The bride and groom with their witnesses back at the campsite.  

August 10, 2014

We had such a good weekend!!
Friends Bob and Ann Bjarnason came from West Kelowna to spend a couple of days. 
We had a little fire in our backyard fire pit Friday night, chatted up a storm and tipped a few. Then on Saturday we took them to the Meat Draw at the Legion, (the big event of the weekend - ha ha) after a late lunch at the Greenwood Saloon. Ann was the lucky one at the meat draw winning a few times. When we got back home we had another little fire in the fire pit, and were joined later in the evening by Nipper and Sheryl.  We had a great time talking about 'old times'. (Michel and Bob have known each other for many years) We had to say good bye today, as they had to get home, but we have promised to get together again. Wonderful couple, love their company.

August 8, 2014

Mad Dog at Deadwood Junction 

Every other Thursday night is 'concert night" at Deadwood Junction, an awesome little cappuchino bar/gift store at the south entrance to Greenwood. There we had the pleasure of listening to a Grand Forks band called "Mad Dog". What an awesome band! They played all kinds of rock and roll music (old and new) and each one of these 5 talented men sing, each their own style. What a treat to listen to. They were slated to entertain us from 6 pm to 8 pm, but never sang their last song until just about 8:30. Notice the drummer is playing a 'drum box'; made so he doesn't have to pack his drums everywhere.  He showed us how it works, something I've never seen. What an interesting invention.