July 21, 2015

Today was the first 'Themed Dinner' that we have planned. We had to modify the "Progressive Dinner" that we heard about, because we are only three couples versus 5 or 6. So we'll only have three dinners, where each of us will take a turn at the main course. I picked Asian (Chinese) and hosted the first one. Good sports that Steve and Doreen are, they even dressed for the occasion.  

 Doreen and Steve brought the appies:  yummy egg rolls with three different dips. 

Next of the menu - wonton soup which is part of the main course.

then the main course, consisting of chicken fried rice, beef and broccoli and orange chicken.

Last but certainly not least was this delicious zuchinni/blueberry cake which Solange and Leo brought.
We had quite a feast beginning at 4:30 for happy hour w/ appies. We even tried Japanese Sake. By 8:00 we were finished coffee and cake and the reading of our fortune cookies.  

It was a great time and we sure do look forward to the next one, in late August where Steve and Doreen will host a Greek evening.  Next time I think we'll dress in costume.  

This last picture is of Michel and Steve goofing around.  Steve had just finished telling one of his 'famous' jokes - lol

July 18, 2015

We had such a good time with Tom and Karen this week and are very happy and thankful that they took the time to come to visit. They live in Florida and have been there for a few years now, after leaving Edmonton, where Karen grew up and raised her family.

We did a lot and we did a little, but we sure did enjoy our visit.

 On Sunday we invited Steve and Doreen over to meet Tom and Karen. We knew we'd all have fun together, and I wasn't wrong.

Steve brought over two of his guitars and we tipped a couple and had a little sing song.  Tom plays guitar too and they did a great job of playing together. Karen and Doreen both sing. What began as a short happy hour turned into a party. We had a great time!

On Monday we took a drive to Grand Forks - for no reason - other than to look around and have lunch.

Tuesday Tom went up to Jewel Lake with Michel and did some fishing while Michel did his thing around the park. Michel went for a little boat ride with him afterwards, but no fish were caught so we had to thaw frozen fish from the freezer for our dinner..... lol

Then on Wednesday we took another little road trip to Osoyoos.  It's always nice in Osoyoos and we just walked around, did a little shopping and had a late lunch before returning home. (Michel still has to work every evening)

Friday night was our 'scheduled' party, but everyone was pretty mellow so we didn't party very hardy. But we sure did laugh a lot!!

That brings us up to today - Saturday, when we had to say good bye. A sad day, and I must say it is very quiet around here tonight. 
Until next time - sending big love and HUGS to you both - travel safe and stay healthy!!