June 5, 2017

Sunday - Fun Day! 

Our first run with the Greenwood/Boundary ATV Club and their first run of season.  

Our newest toy - the red one - LOL!
the one on the right. It's an Arctic Cat 500 - and it's a two-up so we can ride together. 

Our first stop along the way was the ski chalet up at Phoenix Ski Hill. 

The view from the top was quite grand. 

Stop number two was to visit the old Rock Oven Camp. Here we parked and walked up.

These Rock Ovens were widely used by people living in the bush in the railroad era. Those ovens were a marvel of efficiency. 

Early in the morning a large fire was built inside and when the rocks reached the required temperature, the coals were scraped out and the entrance carefully sealed to allow several hours of baking, roasting and heating food. 

Onward and forward - another stop - the old trestles, part of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

These treasures are a well-kept secret, as many of the people who have lived in this area for years had no idea they were even here...

Our final stop was Marshall Lake, located high in the hills between Greenwood and Grand Forks. Here we were welcomed with a campfire and a number of non-riding members of the ATV club. Not much beats the taste of the first campfire roasted hotdog of the season! Yummy! 

The Greenwood Boundary ATV club is an active club with over 40 members. On this day there were 15 ATVs and Side-by-sides on the ride and over 30 members and guests in attendance. It was a fun day - made it home just before the rain came pouring down (3:00 pm). 

On Tuesday, we had our first fire in our gazebo. A much smaller group, just our buddies Steve and Doreen. Always enjoy our time with them. A little guitar pickin a lot of talk and laughter!!