February 15, 2015

Road Trip - - over to the Desert Bar. 

Darlene and Ed came with us and Paulette and Mark followed. There we met up with friends Denis and Nola. As per usual the place was packed. It always astounds me at how many people take that 6 mile ride in the desert to visit this bar.  

Darlene and Ed in front of the chapel facade

 It was hot and there were no empty tables so we sat in the sun for the first while.
The band "Hard Rain" was playing. We heard them a couple of years ago and really enjoyed them, so in spite of the heat we had a great time.

Here we were sitting the sun - 4 desert roses and 2 desert thorns. (Paulette and Darlene;  myself and Nola; Michel and Dennis)

After an hour or so we found a shady spot on the top to finish out our day.  We had a good day - it took 40 minutes to drive back out - and we finished off at the Havasu Resort Spa for dinner before heading back home.  What a day!!

February 7, 2015

Happy Hour
at our place....

Ron and Ann stopped by for a visit today enroute to Laughlin, where they are meeting up with friends. 

We had a good visit catching up on what they've been up to and where they've been.

It was good to see them again.
Ron and Ann are very first people we met when we began RVing back in 2005 and we try to hook up at least once during the season.  

We were joined a little later by Darlene, Ed, Paulette and Mark after they returned from their ATVing outing.

We had a good time, chatting and enjoying the company.

February 5, 2015

Welcome Violet Denise!!  Newest addition to our family

This little cutie was born
February 4, 2015
at 6:59 pm
in the Peace River Hospital (Alberta)

weight: 7 lbs 3 oz.

Congratulations to my son Farren and his girlfriend Jade, who are the proud, happy parents. 

And also to Melody who is just so excited she is now a big sister!!

February 2, 2015

A game of washers!

We've been enjoying our time here at Fiesta RV Resort. Time goes by so fast I can't believe it's already February. We only have two more months before we head back home. 

But in the mean time we are getting some visiting in with Darlene and Ed, and Paulette and Mark. It being their first time here, they have been quite busy. Between the pool, card games in the afternoon and at night, they have managed to entertain themselves. Paulette and Mark also brought their ATV so have joined the group in the park that run around the desert.....

We do manage to get in a few happy hours from time to time. And of course a few dinners out. 

They introduced us to the game of  'washers'. Something which Michel caught onto quite quickly - I, on the other hand, am a different story. We played the other afternoon for the third time and I finally got the hang of it. Not that I'm good, but at least I've improved.  Of course these guys play all the time, and Paulette is something of a 'ringer' ... as they would say in horseshoes.