February 9, 2013

Seafood Festival in nearby Everglade City
Celebrating 40 years
with  craft and food booths, carnival rides and games.

Lots of people

And bikes everywhere!!

There was a full roster of events beginning Friday evening at 5:30 and ending Sunday at 7:00 pm.
We spent about 4 hours there in the morning and early afternoon and that was enough.... It was at least 85 degrees and it was crowded... time to go home!!!

February 7, 2013

On our last trip to Naples for groceries we took a detour and went firstly to Marcos Island. There we had a great lunch in a nearby Irish Pub, then went to the theatre to see a movie.

In Marcos they have a 'different concept' theatre..
As you can see here it's definitely different...
There is table service - you don't even have to get out of your seat to get popcorn!!
The only problem is that there are really only a couple good places to sit

As you can see the theatre isn't very big, and most of the seats are at an angle to the screen. Oh well, we did get one of the best places - one of the cubbies at the top of the stairs.....we watched Silver Linings Playbook and had a very good day!

February 1, 2013

We spent the past few days visiting my cousin Karen and her husband Tom in Vero Beach.  We had such a good time in November we had to go back again before we left Florida. Michel went golfing with Tom.

After a rough day on the golf course, the guys came home and took us girls out for dinner. They eat here quite often, and now we know why. This on-the-water restaurant has a good reputation - there mahi mahi fish and chips were excellent!

Blue Hawaii time!!
Tom must have been a bartender in his past life. He makes all kinds of fancy drinks.
We sure did enjoy another visit, their hospitality is unmatched...
Thank you again Karen and Tom!!