January 26, 2009

Took a painting class last week. Water color...Tina and I had never water painted before, and I was quite impressed at how well we did, seeing as it was our first try at it. Thanks to Mary Lou, who is a patient teacher
In this picture l to r: Tina, Myself, Instructor Mary Lou and Deb.

January 22, 2009

Happy hour with old and new friends....

l to r: Wayne, Rich, Tina, Deb, Myself, Karen

(Wayne and Deb are from Utah)

l to r: Michel, Wayne, Rich, Tina, Deb, Karen

January 21, 2009

There was a big time storm here today, major wind, more rain than they've seen here in years. The ocean had huge waves and whitecaps. It is an unusual site here in San Felipe, and we sat indoors - it was quite a spectacular show. When the storm subsided there was this beautiful rainbow over the ocean......

January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Another year behind us, it's really hard to believe. We haven't really done much, so there isn't much to blog about.

Here is a picture of the beautiful sunset we saw the other night.

Michel has work to do on his hobicat before he can go sailing. Felipe is the Mexican fella who is doing the work, so we have no idea when that will be done .... IF it will get done at all....OH WELL!!!

We met up with friends we met last year, Rick and Wendy, (they live here for 9 or 10 months of the year) and he has an 18 foot HobiCat, that hasn't been in the water for over 5 years.... BUT that didn't stop them. With the sailing bug in the air they did a 'dry run' at Rick's house to see if all the parts were there and if anything needed repair. They had to fibreglass one of the rudders, but that seemed to be all, except for the fact that the ropes and such were very dry and kinda stiff..... Then a couple of days later then put it into the water.

And off they went - - the sails filled with air and they did GREAT for about an hour.. Then - over she went !!

They spent another hour waiting for someone to rescue them. And another hour for the rescue boat to pull them in.

There was a bit of damage, but nothing that can't be repaired. And it hasn't deterred them at all. They are talking about WHEN they can go back out...... CRAZY!!!!