October 28, 2010 - La Paz

This is La Paz. It's a very large, busy city. We arrived around 2:00 in the afternoon, so we did our touring then found ourselves a place to stay for the night. Pictured left is the Melecon (which is about 3 miles long) taken looking to the north.

This is their welcome sign onto the boardwalk.

This is a picture of the Hotel Pekin, our place of choice for the night - a chinese restaurant (very good food!!) with a hotel upstairs.

Once again the Mexican churces are amazing. This is the outside picture.

This is a picture of the inside.

October 27, 2010 San Javier Mission

While staying in Loreto we drove up to visit the San Javier Mission.
Here we are at the entrance to the Mission

Here is a picture of the Mission church - you can see it in the distance....

This is a picture taken from the courtyard out front of the church

Here is a write up about the mission. If you double click it will enlarage and you'll be able to read it.

This is a picture of the inside of the church.

October 27, 2010 Loreto, MX

Loreto, MX
We can certainly see why people are attracted to Loreto. It is a beautiful, clean and friendly little city. We spent two days here and it wouldn't hurt our feelings any to stay longer. We happened upon a little 'bar' called Augies (owned by an American named Augie) in time for their happy hour (4-7 daily) We were looking for a place to stay and he recommended we stay at a place just up the melecon called Sukasa. We rented this cute little bungalow pictured below. We got a real good deal - thanks to Augie~~

We walked around town and took a few pictures to share .....This is one of a shopping plaza downtown. Sure is clean!!

And of course - the church - Mexico has such beautiful churces.

This is a shot of an outside shopping plaza.

October 25, 2010

Sailing in the Sea of Cortez
Here is a picture of the boat we went sailing on. It belongs to friends Rick and Wendy from San Felipe. We spent a week with them aboard this 42' sailboat, cruising the Sea of Cortez and anchoring in beautiful bays.

The 'Williwaw' anchored at Peurto Escondito

Here we are at the fuel dock before leaving Peurto Escondito for our sail.

Hoisting the jib

The first little cove we anchored in was called Honeymoon Bay. As you can see it is a lovely little secluded bay. The water was nice and warm, and Michel and I went swimming while Rick and Wendy went scuba diving. Had a good time, except there were all kinds of little jelly fish also swimming around, and they like to nibble.... These two photos show the boat anchored at Honeymoon Bay

Michel snorkeling at Candeleros Chicos.

Candeleros Chicos - the second cove we anchored in. Michel said the snorkeling was the best at this cove.

At sea -

Last but not least - Agua Verde (Green Water) We anchored here for two nights.
Everyone (except me) went snorkeling. I went into the water on the first day and floated about on my 'noodle', but I'm not much for ocean swimming. But this was an absolutely beautiful cove as you can see by the pictures.

October 17, 2010

San Felipe, MX
Arrived safe and sound in San Felipe on Friday morning. Got to Rick and Wendy's around 9:30 a.m. This picture was taken in the early evening, we had a little happy hour, toasted being with good friend.

The temperature was 90 degrees. They got us a week end pass to the El Dorado Ranch resort and we hung out at the pool in the afternoons for a couple of days. Michel, Rick and Wendy played water volleyball. Here are a few shots of the resort and the games.....

October 12, 2010


Two 10 hour days of driving and here we are - in 87 degree weather - at Hoover Dam. When we pulled in we saw a sign "Helicopter ride $29.00" Neither Michel nor I have been in a helicopter before, so we jumped at the chance. The sign was a little deceiving. Over the lake was $29.00, but over the dam was $59.00 each, but we still thought it was worth it. So we took some beautiful shots of the lake and the dam from the sky.

Michel sat as co-pilot. The floor of the helicopter was glass so he could see everything.

I sat in the back seat (there is room for three) and took these shots:

The Marina

The new bridge. This weekend coming is the opening of the new bridge. Then they will close the dam to traffic. We were told we were lucky - this could be our last chance to drive over the dam.....

The dam from the sky

Another one of the dam with the bridge .

When we left there was a line-up for miles.... Road construction caused this. We were waiting for almost an hour before we finally got going again.

But we were in no hurry, we had lunch while we waited and arrived in Bullhead City with plenty of time to hit the pool... Thursday we leave for El Centro, where we'll shop and spend the night. Then on Friday we'll cross at Mexicalli and drive to San Felipe where we'll meet up with friends Rick and Wendy. We'll be getting ready on the weekend for our departure Monday and a month of sailing with them at Loredo. We might not get a chance to blog while sailing, but stay posted we'll update as we can.

October 5, 2010

Yesterday we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with good friends Doug & Dianne and Steve & Doreen. Steve cooked the turkey, and they brought Doreen's 'famous' dressing, and gravy to smother our plates in. It was YUMMY!! Diane made the most fabulous cherry cheese cake for dessert. It was so light and fluffy, I'm sure there were no calories in it. I must say, we all ate way too much. We celebrated with a few glasses of wine and talked and visited until well after 10, which was really surprising to me, because the time just went by so fast......But we said our good byes to our good friends here and we look forward to seeing our good friends 'down south'... we certainly are blessed!

Today we're packing up the motorhome. Tomorrow we leave for Kelowna, where we'll spend a few days visiting family, then on Sunday October 10th we're leaving for San Felipe, MX. We're giving ourselves 5 days to get there, so we won't be 'partying' too much along the way. Then we're leaving San Felipe for La Paz with our good friends Rick and Wendy. They have a 42 foot sail boat in La Paz and we've been invited to go sailing with them! Michel is very excited about this. I too am looking forward to this adventure, as this will be my first time sailing.

I'm not sure how often we'll be able to post to the blog while we're gone, but we'll do it when we can. If not, We'll update yo'all when we get back. Bon Voyage!!!!