August 18, 2011

I took some pictures of our yard today. We haven't posted in such a long time I felt the need to post SOMETHING!! Not that we haven't been busy. When you see how good the yard looks and how well it's coming along, you'll know that we haven't been sitting around on our duffs all the time!!

Anyway - back in the early part of May we purchased over 1100 paving stones through the Castanet Marketplace site. We had to make a quick and crazy trip to Kelowna to pick them up and they've been sitting in the yard since then just waiting to get 'laid' (lol) We are FINALLY at that stage and boy does that feel good!!

So next week we'll begin to lay these stones in place. The gazebo being the focal point, we've developed the yard around it - with pathways and gardens. This is the picture I took this morning.

Then next year we'll begin to organize and plant the flower gardens. Still lots to do, but if you remember where we started at the beginning of the year - we've come along way baby!!!!
Here is a view from the end of the yard