March 20, 2007

Tonight we went to see Colin Raye in Concert at the Riverside Casino in Laughlin. What a performance!! He was great - sang all the oldies and a whole bunch of newer songs. Had the crowd singing right along.
We had choice seats too - second row of tables, center stage. Lucked into them - they had been taken off reserved just before we got to the ticket wicket.
Anyway - we'll be leaving Bullhead City, Laughlin and Ridgeview RV Park tomorrow. We'll be in Vegas for a few days, planning on being back home the last week of March.
We'll keep you posted on our whereabouts and whatdoings - so stay tuned!!

March 17, 2007

We moved along about 60 miles today. We will spend a few days here at Ridgeview RV Park in Bullhead City. We are just across the bridge from Laughlin, which is quite a popular gambling town. The town is a strip of casinos, with entertainment. Last night we saw the Mickey Gilley Show. I don't know how many of you remember him, but one of his more popular songs was "The Girls Just Get Prettier At Closing Time".

March 14, 2007

Well, Catalina Spa is behind us and we're heading north as slowly as we can. We checked into Emerald Cove RV Resort for a few days. Its lovely place located on the Colorado River. It has all the good stuff - pools, hot tubs, and for those who like water sports, there's no end.

While we were there, we went "Tracking" through the desert. It was hot as blazes, but we visited a few caves and an old abandoned Copper Mine. Here is a picture of Michel inside the Copper Mine.

The next picture is "Horsehead Canyon" named, of course, because of the horsehead in the rocks.

On our drive back home we stopped at the Roadrunner Cafe, a cool little floating restaurant.

March 12, 2007

We checked into Catalina Resort Spa on March 7th and we've been enjoying the pools and the mineral spas everyday. I know - it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!!!

There are all kinds of activities to take part in and lots to do. Water-volleyball is played daily - Monday thru Friday and there is usually a very good turn out. Michel enjoys playing, he's in this picture but I never really got into playing volleyball - not my thing - but this is where we learned to play pickleball last year and it's still going strong. There is a Pickleball Tournament tomorrow!!

We've been enjoying temperatures into the 90's this week, so it sure is nice to have the pools to cool off in.

March 5, 2007

Well our time in San Felipe came to an end today. We headed north crossing the US border just after 2:00 p.m on March 5th. We stocked up on groceries at Costco and Walmart and checked into Catalina Spa Resort Wednesday morning for a week.

Our last 2 weeks in San Felipe went by like a whirlwind. But we did keep busy. Michel scored a ride on a Hobie Cat with Dan, a Hobie Cat racer from way back..... The wind was brisk and the ride was 'awesome' in Michel's words. Then over the next few days the Hobie Cats kept coming in. All you could see were masts up and down the beach. It was a sailors paradise.

March 3, 2007
We watched the Hobie Cat races right from our park. They postponed the race the 1st day by about 2 hours because the wind was too unpredictable, but when they finally got going it was quite a sight. There were only about 50 Hobie Cats, but they were all out there at the same time! The wind tipping some of them over. It's quite the procedure to get them back up again, especially when the wind keeps gusting. The 2nd day of the race was cancelled. Once again, the wind was unpredictable. Funny how sailors pray for wind, but this time they must have prayed too hard..... The sun came out by mid afternoon and it was nice and calm, but by that time a lot of the sailors were probably closer to home than San Felipe.

March 3, 2007
We took in the "Tequila Festival" this evening - it's a 4-day affair with a $5 cover charge. Then you can go around and sample tequilla to your heart's content.... A good deal - if you like tequila!!! And "no" we didn't go all 4 days - only 1 .... There was entertainment and food booths as well, so we listened to the Mariachi Band play and the Senorita sing....