April 27, 2012

We spent this past week in Grimshaw, AB visiting with my kids. We had a wonderful week that went by way too fast. The weather wasn't great. Rain most days, but it was warm inside and we just relaxed and enjoyed the company. Today we are heading to Edmonton.

Picture on the right (taken at Christmas) is my son Farren, with his girlfriend Kim and daughter (my granddaughter) Melody (age 4). She has grown alot since we saw here last year at this time!! 
This picture of my daughter Tammy with her boyfriend Rob was taken a couple of summers ago while they were visiting in Nanaimo. Rob had surgery last Friday, so they weren't in the mood to pose for pictures. Glad to report that he's healing well, and will be home for 4 weeks. Tammy is happy about that.
BUT - Melody is a ham - always ready to pose for pictures. I guess most kids are. So here are a few of the pictures she 'posed' for. She's a real sweetie. It was nice to be grandma for a few days!

April 17, 2012

We're Home!

Just a quick update - to let you know that we arrived  home safe and sound on Sunday, April 15th. We took more time coming home this year than usual, and we stopped for the evening at a few very nice spots, and still arrived a couple of days early. We enjoyed our journey, but we're both very happy to be home again!

We started unloading the motorhome, what a big job :(  But you know the old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" - it will take us a few 'days' to get the job done. But no hurry - - - -

This weekend we're going to journey to Northern Alberta to visit with my kids and family, then make our way south to see Michel's daughter and her family. There is a new grand-daughter to meet again this year!!

We start working again soon - May 9th <> Looking forward to that too. Looking forward to another wonderful summer in Greenwood!!

April 12, 2012

We spent Easter at Fiesta RV Resort, arriving back there from Yuma on Good Friday. As per usual they put on a great meal. On Tuesday morning we left the resort enroute for home. Not being in a big rush we didn't go far.... Rich and Tina were staying at the Riverside Casino (Laughlin), so we spent a night there and hung out with them for the last time this season. So Wednesday we were really gone this time. Got to Las Vegas, well, just a few miles north and decided to call it a day. The wind was wicked so we just relaxed for the day and left again on Thursday morning.

BUT, about 100 miles down the road we came across this park. The Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. We've come across it every year, but today we decided to check it out. Thought we'd stop for coffee anyway.

What a lovely place. There is a three mile trail around the lake, which we walked. I had the camera today (surprise, surprise!) so I got some shots of the scenery.

Michel standing in front of a big tree 
Me sitting on a rock. 

Then when we got back, we sat in the sun sipping the coffee we just brewed. Yummmm.....
We've decided to add it to our list of 'must stop ats' every year. What a nice peaceful place.

April 3, 2012

Before we left Bullhead City we got a chance to meet up again with friends Rich and Tina. They spent their winter in Florida this year and are now on their way home to Rainier, WA. It was nice to spend time with them again. It was not the same without them this year.
We did leave Fiesta RV resort, but on March 31st. After deciding to just stay put, I broke a molar and was in need of dental work. So we left for Yuma, and down to Algodonas to get it fixed. We spent Saturday night in Quartzsite  Here is a picture of our rig where we settled in for the night in the desert in Quartzsite. And of course the trip to Quartzsite just wouldn't be complete without pizza from Silly Al's. I'm sure it is the best pizza we've ever eaten!!
Then we were off to Yuma. We stayed in the parking lot of the Paradise Casino, which is only a few miles from the Mexican border making for easy access on Monday morning. While we were there this huge fire broke out just a few miles to the east of us. Michel got some great shots. As you can see it's very close.... We got all our dental work done and Michel even got himself a new pair of glasses, and we were out of Algodonas by 4:30. Only 1 hour and 40 minutes in line at the border to leave.  Not too bad??

So while we were in Yuma we visited with friends Russ and Mary Thomas. We met them in 2005 down in San Felipe and have tried to stay in touch, although we haven't seen them in 3 years. But we had a good visit - had a bbq in their back yard on Sunday and then on Tuesday we went to Olive Garden where we celebrated Michel's birthday.