April 13, 2011

Here she is!! The newest Lamontagne! Adelaide (Addy) was born on February 13th, so she's almost 2 months old before we get to meet her for the first time. Here is a picture of Addy with her brother Kayden (9) and sister Tianna (6) The family - proud parents: Shannon & Richard, Grandpa Mike, baby Addy, Tianna and Kayden

And the proud grandfather - - -

We arrived in Kelowna on April 7th, and stayed at Holiday Park in Winfield until Monday April 11th. In this time we got to visit with Michel's parents for awhile; got to see Richard (Michel's son) and Shannon and the family. Got to visit and play with the grandkids and hold and coo the new baby. Left for home (Greenwood) on Monday, and it was sure nice to get here. The temperature has only been 10 degrees the past couple of days, but we've got a lot of unpacking and laundry to do to keep busy inside....... Until next time - thanks for reading.

April 6, 2011

Third day on the road and this is what we encountered. I guess it's to be expected on the Cabbage Patch, but none-the-less it makes for a very stressful ride. This wasn't even the worst part. This picture was taken on the climb. When we were going down it was snowing even harder- totally white out there! But all is well. We got to Omak early, around 3:30, so we just stayed the night at the WalMart parking lot. Did a little shopping, prepared for an early crossing at the Canadian Border!! YEAH......

April 4, 2011

We left Bullhead City this morning for our 3 day trip back to Canada, so while we were passing through Las Vegas we had to go see where Rick, Big Hoss, Chumly and the Old Man operate out of. They are the stars of "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel, and we enjoy watching.
As you can see there is a line-up a block long, and growing. I guess it's like this all the time - sometimes it's longer..... thanks to the TV show!! We didn't go in, didn't get to meet the guys, 'cause like I said we were passing through on our way home, and an hours wait in the sun wasn't on the agenda........

April 2, 2011

On Saturday we went to Oatman, AZ. where we wandered the streets and shops in search of something unique - we didn't find anything!!! It's a fun place to visit. The burrows roam the streets and you can buy carrots to feed them.

There is a wild west show in the street and everyone gathers around to watch a 'shoot out'

We had a beer in the oldest saloon - the walls are papered with dollar bills and as you can see the bills hang from the ceiling. There are very few Canadian dollar bills. - we spotted a fiver!

April 1, 2011

good friends Mike and Chris

came to Bullhead City to spend our 'last weekend' with us. It was very hot... record highs - 113 degrees plus, so we spent a day on the water. We took the USS Riverview Tour. It was nice to cruise the Colorado River under cover!! Shaded from the heat of the sun.

The tour took us to the Davis Dam and back down past all the casinos. The tour came complete with comentary and a history lesson.