August 26, 2013

lovely picture taken as they were leaving today.....
Tammy and Tristan came to visit again this summer, arriving on Thursday and leaving today.  It was wonderful to have them here and on Saturday we drove to Christina Lake.

Michel skiing

Our plan was to spend the day. We rented a ski boat and Tristan got to try skiing for the first time. He did awesome, getting up on the first try.

Tristan skiing

Michel skied a bit, then Tristan skied a bit more.

Just as we were bringing the boat into the Marina it began raining. It was overcast and a bit cool out on the water anyway, so instead of hitting the beach, we just came back to Grand Forks and went for a late lunch / early dinner.

We all had a fun day on the boat, but most of our week was spent just chillin' and enjoying our visit.

just chillin' by the creek .....

August 21, 2013

On Monday we welcomed a visit from another of Michel's "Nixon" nephews.
Ryan is one of (Michel's sister) Lise's six sons and Kate is his new bride.
We sure did enjoy our time with them. What a wonderful couple they are.
They left this morning for Kelowna to spend a little time with Grandpa and Grandma on their way back home to Calgary, where she is a nurse and he's a teacher. His dream job - working with inner-city students.

August 18, 2013

Doreen with grandson Kayden
Well we had another very nice evening with Steve and Doreen.

This time their eldest son was visiting from Salmon Arm with his wife and baby.  We had a fire and a little sing-song. We always enjoy our evenings with the Cavill's.
The Cavill's eldest son Scott
Scott's wife Alicia
And of course the picture collage isn't complete without a toast from Michel and Steve!!