May 29, 2017

My two grand-daughters Melody and Violet 
Family time .....
On Thursday May 18th I flew to Edmonton for a couple of weeks of family time. Michel stayed at home and entertained himself with yard work .. I think I got the better deal!

My son-in-law Rob picked me up at the airport then on Friday we left for Peace River, where we visited with my son Farren and his little family for the long weekend.  
Farren flipping burgers for dinner!

We had a wonderful time - a little family reunion so to speak - the only one missing was Tristan! But I got lots of hugs from my little girls which made this grandma happy! It's always sad for me when we leave. 

Tristan (my grandson) and Tammy (my daughter)

I did get to see Tristan for a while when we got back to my daughter's place. He's a working man now so was only home for the day and gone again. Still had hugs for his grandma though!!

I spent the whole of last week at my daughters house and on
Wednesday morning my cousin Norman and his lovely wife Alice drove out for the day. It's always wonderful to spend time with them and this time was no different. They drove over at the beginning of the storm that swept through southern Alberta and by 4 o'clock we were without power and it was pouring down buckets! So much for the BBQ I was planning. But that didn't hinder anything. We cooked on the stove and talked, laughed and reminisced by candle light. They left for home the next morning. The storm had passed but we were still without power until 1 o'clock that afternoon. It's always so great to visit with Alice and Norman. Thank you for coming over!!

Friday evening my oldest and dearest friend Deb and her husband Len drove over from St. Albert to spend the weekend. I can always count on a visit with Deb. If I can't make it to her place she will definitely come to see me.  The weather cooperated for the weekend with sunshine and a lot of outside time. We had a super time as we always do when we get together. Thank you for driving over to see me. We'll see you again in August!!

Today I get to spend the day with Tammy. She's been working all week and now has two days off.  This is our only mother-daughter day this trip so I'm going to really enjoy it. Tomorrow I fly back home. Thank you sweetie for allowing me to treat your home as though it were mine - lol 

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